[rumori] Oh shit! Maggots proliferating!

Pan [rumori] Oh shit! Maggots proliferating!
Fri, 28 May 1999 09:37:40 -0500 (00927902260, 374EAA33.4B6E2A2Catumich.edu)

simon bradbury wrote:

> Is it me or are all these people who are making these sites the least
> likely to have anything `stolen` from them as the content of their
> sites is so poor there`s nothing worth having??.

Though the Bryce stuff is O.K., both sites remind me of stuff in Magical
Trend (err... Blend), before I discontinued my subscription.

I noticed that both sites even disdain anyone copying the HTML.

Of course, the argument is that they are "artists" (or is that "arteeests") and have a right to protect their art. In reality, in a public medium like the web, they should only post those things which
they feel are consumable (read downloadable) by the public. It's like
posting flyers on a kiosk, then waiting around to prevent pedestrians
from taking one with them.

Private sites, with password protections or logging features, can
provide them with a method to protect their "art".
A friend of mine toyed with the idea of copying and modifying the 11th
Commandment page. Then the fear arose that Moyra may be so skewed as to
sue someone who was lampooning the site. Fear of making criticism is a
free society :(

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