[rumori] Oh shit! Maggots proliferating!

Andrew Lander [rumori] Oh shit! Maggots proliferating!
Fri, 28 May 1999 09:40:05 PDT (00927909605, 19990528164005.83124.qmailathotmail.com)

>From: Pan <jaimelmatumich.edu>
>I noticed that both sites even disdain anyone copying the HTML.
>Of course, the argument is that they are "artists" (or is that
>"arteeests") and have a right to protect their art. In reality, in a
>public medium like the web, they should only post those things which
>they feel are consumable (read downloadable) by the public. It's like
>posting flyers on a kiosk, then waiting around to prevent pedestrians
>from taking one with them.

It's worse than that. When one browses with Netscape, graphics and HTML are
stored on one's hard drive in the Cache folder. Internet Explorer has it's
Temp Files. Eleventh Commandment's graphics and HTML are already on the
hard drives of anyone who has recently browsed them. According to Eleventh
Commandment, thou shalt not touch certain files on thine own hard drive!
There is a mental disconnect between their claimed rights of ownership and
actual reality.

This reminds me of something I like to do. I have a slide show
screensaver and sometimes I set it to collage images from my Netscape Cache.
Bits and pieces of whatever I've been browsing lately show up in bizzare
combinations. (Once the cover of Plunderphonic popped up and shortly
thereafter an arrow with the words "CLICK HERE" pointing directly at "Michael Jackson's" crotch. Yikes! I'm not making this up.) Would GreyDay/Faded Tapestries or Eleventh Commandment claim that this is illegal
or immoral?

Andrew Lander

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