Luggage Store, SF, February 2001 presents The Electro-improv Jamboree

photos by jay pinka
The idea of the Electro-improv Jamboree was to invite 6 electronic music improvisors, many of whom had never worked together before, to collaborate in a variety of different combinations - duos, trios, quartets, and more. Steev Hise acted as ringleader, announcing who would play during each 5-15 minute set. the evening finale came with all 6 artists improvising together.

The particpants were Steev Hise, Wobbly, Matt Davignon, Ryan Francesconi, Matt Ingalls, and Mark Gunderson of the Evolution Control Committee.

1-steev-intro ECC1 ECC2 mdavignon mingalls mingalls-ecc-hise rf
rf-mingalls wob-ecc1 wob-eccc2
mp3 audio:
Wobbly and the ECC download (7.2 Mbytes, 7:00 ) stream
Matt Ingalls and Ryan Francesconi download (6.7 Mbytes, 7:56) stream
Matt Davignon, Wobbly, and Ryan download (6.2 Mbytes, 6:27) stream
Matt Ingalls, Steev Hise, and the ECC download (7.8 Mbytes, 8:11) stream
Ingalls and Wobbly download (6.7 Mbytes, 7:01) stream
Davignon, ECC, Ryan download (9.1 Mbytes, 9:29) stream
The ECC, Ingalls, Davignon, Ryan download (9.9 Mbytes, 10:19) stream
Wobbly, Steev, Ryan, ECC download (6.7 Mbytes, 7:03) stream
Everyone download (17.1 Mbytes, 17:52) stream
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