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Events at The Luggage Store Gallery, San Francisco

The Luggage Store Gallery is a small space in downtown San Francisco that has been hosting weekly Creative Music Thursdays since 1998. In September 2000 Steev Hise of Detritus began to get involved with booking shows, mostly featuring electronic artists, many of which make frequent use of sampling and other reycling of culture.


March 28: Fuzzy Bunny and Steev Hise
FUZZYBUNNY, which is Chris Brown, Scot Gresham-Lancaster, and Tim Perkis, consists of high-energy, dense live improvisation and composition, using an assortment of homebuilt electronic and software-based instruments. FUZZYBUNNY mixes classical and raunchy electronic sounds with fractured pop music artifacts. This show will feature material performed on their recent European tour.
STEEV HISE has been creating experimental music, performance, video, and internet art since 1990. At California Institute of the Arts he studied composition with Morton Subotnick and Wadada Leo Smith, sound design with Tom Erbe, and cultural studies with Dick Hebdige. Hise's work centers around the appropriation and recontextualization of pre-existing cultural artifacts; in other words, making new art from the old. He has performed his work across North America, in Europe, and Australia. Tonight's performance will involve found-video collage projections accompanied by improvised live audio collage produced using Hise's custom Linux software instrument, The Syntagm Engine.

Documentation of past shows:

If you do electronic music, sound art, or other forms of performance work that involves appropriation and recyled culture and you're interested in playing at the Luggage Store, you can contact steev.

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