Luggage Store, SF, September 21, 2000
Meta, Matt Davignon, and Bob Boster

photos by steev hise and jay pinka
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Bob Boster twiddling knobs - note drink-cup junk pile in background.... Bob at at touchscreen laptop Bob explains his next piece Bob holds some noisy bags Matt Davignon on the wheel of steel Matt and a Swan Matt adjusting something
matt4 meta1 meta2 meta3
Matt D. Meta, deciding his next move Meta interview audience member Aaron Bennett Meta plays back some recordings
Bob Boster:
This performance includes a new work of collage which moves the trope into a surprising new transmission vector. Other pieces will focus on voice as an abstract sound source and other explorations of recontextualized sound.
Matt Davignon:
Based in San Francisco, Matt Davignon uses consumer grade audio equipment and a crate of thrift store records and CD's to create improvised abstract music. Matt tries to make music that is beautiful in completely new ways. Matt says "One of my favorite things in the world is when the CD skips in the background of some record or department store. Before the employee goes and changes the CD, you get to hear whatever song that was in a completely new and unpredictable way. My goal is to make music that works like that."

In this show Matt will be playing Turntable and CD player with loopers.

Meta is a secret pseudonym for Steev Hise. Do not tell anyone that M3t@ is really Steev Hise. The work of Meta focuses on the ironic, the pre-ironic, and the post-ironic, as well as conceptual recursion, and recursive conceptualizing. M3t@ was born and raised in the conventional way in a conventional, provincial, and very uncool location, but now lives a very hip and radical lifestyle in a very hip, desireable, and cosmopolitan place. Meta was educated by and has worked with a vast variety of respectable yet fashionable cultural producers and scholars, and yet his work is completely original and without precedent. For more information, see the Meta web page at

At this event M3t@ will be presenting a brief site-specific time-based work entitled "Luggage Store Site-Specific Time-Based Work".

"Uh, Meta? No, haven't heard of them." -Greil Marcus

mp3 audio:
soundtrack to Meta's performance (stereo mix; original was 4-channel)
(11 minutes)
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Matt Davignon - 29-minute improv set Download stream
Bob Boster - untitled (6:29) Download stream
Bob Boster - untitled (11:52) Download stream
Bob Boster - Oh Say Can You See (5:52) Download stream
Bob Boster - Human Samplers
(6:49) (performed by Bob, Steev Hise, and David Elinoff)
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