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A detritvore takes pre-existing materials, breaks them down, and uses them as building blocks to form something new. Here at we're helping out selected artists that fit this niche and need the bytes and bandwidth.

Already several artists have set up an online presence here. They all have their distinctive styles and goals, but they share the detrivore worldview. Please, explore the fruits of their efforts, communicate, and exchange.

Bob Ostertag
San Francisco-based composer and improvisor. Bob's been doing sample-based work since before there were samplers.
Steev Hise
Builder and administrator of this web site, and creator of a variety of recycled media works.
The Tape-beatles/ Public Works
The home page for The Tape-beatles and Public Works; as well as afiliated projects like Photostatic Magazine, Retrofuturism, YAWN, and the Copyright Violation Squad.
Illegal Art
A music label working to expand the limits of cultural reuse.
Jane Doe
Mysterious composer of appropriative works.
The Evolution Control Committee
Columbus-based group that's risen from the trenches of the home-taper underground to relative notoriety thanx to amazing audio constructions like Gunderphonic.
Post Consumer Productions
The umbrella identity for Minneapolis artist and curator Jon Nelson's many activities. Post Consumer Productions includes Nelson's music project, Escape Mechanism, a radio show that features recycled audio called Some Assembly Required, and the Festival of Appropriation.
Mr. Meridies
Currently based in London, this American composer/performer weaves a tapestry of recombined sound from manipulated CDs.
Viral Communications
A small independant label that has dedicated itself to alternative participation in culture since 1992, representing such artists as Steev Hise, Ears Under Siege, and the Anti-Cyborg Orchestra.
Based in San Francisco, Wobbly knows the value of a good work ethic. He says he is a performer of pre-recorded live music. If you know what that means please email us.
People Like Us
Clever collage artists from England, People Like Us are experts at the campy soundbite, the embarrassing video loop, and the wonderful world of Lycra. hosts their new domain and website,
Carl Stone
Internationally renowned found-sound composer and "recovering minimalist", Carl also writes articles for a japanese music magazine that includes links to real audio examples of what he writes about.'s real audio server dishes up these sonic appetizers.
Hot Air
Hot Air is a label that releases a variety of wonderful sample-based audio, including Stock, Hausen and Walkman, Dummy Run, People Like Us, and more.
Wet Gate
Wet Gate is the All-projector orchestra, a San Francisco-based group that makes live music and visuals from old films. A feast for the eye and ear.
Tom Forsythe
Tom takes photographs. Some photos he took a while ago are of Barbie dolls in strange situations. Mattel didn't like that. They sued him. Amazingly enough, he actually won! Detritus, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and some very cool lawyers, have been helping.
Start Transmission
Detritus is happy to be hosting these intrepid culture hackers from Melbourne, Australia. Their many ventures include the music of Antediluvian Rocking Horse and the Zero Workers Disassociation.
For links to other artists doing similar work elsewhere on the Web, be sure to see the Detritus Rhizome.

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"[A]rt is long, not infinite... One day we will use it up - unless we
		can learn to recycle it like any other finite resource."
		- Spider Robinson, "Melancholy Elephants"

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