CDs: Verbatim

Mark Dresser - contrabass
Gerry Hemingway - percussion
Phil Minton - vocals
Bob Ostertag - sampler


This is the third CD in the Say No More series. It was created by deconstructing the live recording on the CD Say No More in Person, and assembling the fragments into this new work. Verbatim was followed by Verbatim, Flesh & Blood, which featured the quartet performing Verbatim live in Gent, Belgium.

Verbatim was originally released on Rastascan as a single CD. It has also been re-issued as part of the 2-cd set The Say No More Project, Volumes 3 & 4.

Click here to buy the original Verbatim release from from Rastascan.
Click here to buy Verbatimas part of the 2-CD box set, The Say No More Project Volumes 3 & 4, from Seeland (ships from the US).

"Thoroughly attuned to life in the mid-90s, [Say No More] is more than an experiment and much more than merely sensational. Astonishingly, the music never seems artificial. With acute sensitivity, Ostertag catches the strengths of his partners and lifts them up to a new level, magnifying the skill and intensity of these extraordinary virtuosos. The border between live improvisation and computerized manipulation blurs and if finally made irrelevant by the music which results."
                                        -- Jazzthetik  (Germany)
"A trip into another dimension of music, and into a world as full of clashes and conflict as the one in which we live."
                                        -- Forum  (Germany)