[Rumori] Sonny Bono Is Dead

Vicki Bennett peoplelikeus at mistral.co.uk
Mon Nov 3 12:37:56 PST 2003

Forwarded from Illegal Art list

>Illegal Art invites all artists to submit works for our compilation 
>project, Sonny Bono Is Dead.
>This project is a protest against the Sonny Bono Copyright Term 
>Extension Act, which passed through Congress in 1998 and was upheld 
>by the U.S. Supreme Court earlier this year. This act diminished the 
>public's ability to access older works while granting more control 
>to corporations anxious to preserve a few copyrights from the 
>1920's. Copyright law continues to expand and defeat its original 
>purpose of promoting advances in the arts and sciences. These 
>excesses damage the evolution of our culture and only serve 
>corporate interests.
>We encourage artists to liberally sample from works that would have 
>fallen into the Public Domain by the year 2004 had the Sonny Bono 
>Act failed. Artists are also encouraged to create new works by 
>sampling Sonny Bono's output (or other artists who embraced the 
>notion of copyright lasting forever).  The deadline for submissions 
>is January 31, 2004.  Please email illegalart at detritus.net to 
>receive updates on this project and additional instructions on 
>More info and a list of "protected" older works is located here:
>ia mailing list
>ia at detritus.net


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