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Mon Nov 3 19:37:11 PST 2003

The San Francisco / Oakland Voice & Electronics 2 Night Thingy

Matt Davignon presents 2 evenings of music by vocalists and the people who
manipulate them. Singers range from death metal vocalists to 20th century
contemporary people to spoken word artists. Processors are using everything
from guitar pedals to laptop computers, and must focus on working with the
sounds of the singer's voice. Each set includes at least one of each!

Night 1: Thursday, Nov 6 2003    8:00 PM         $6-10       (One of Matt's 
Thursdays at the Luggage Store)
Luggage Store Series @ 509 Cultural Center
509 Ellis St. (between Hyde & Leavenworth)

-Jesse Quattro & Joseph Zitt processed by Andre Custodio
-Ron Heglin processed by Tim Perkis
-Bob Marsh processed by David Slusser
-Beth Lisick processed by Eli Crews

Night 2: Tuesday, Nov 11 2003 8:00 PM     $7-10
The Oakland Box Theater
1928 Telegraph Avenue (at 19th St)

-Amy X Neuburg and Herb Heinz processed by Amy X Neuburg and Herb Heinz
-Rick Walker processed by Bill Walker
-Aurora Rising processed by Bob Boster
-Dina Emerson processed by Lance Grabmiller


Beth Lisick is a writer and performer living in Berkeley. She is the
author of Monkey Girl and the upcoming short story collection This Too Can
Be Yours due out on Manic D Press this fall.

Eli Crews  has a Master's degree from one of the unusual
music programs at Mills College. He's also played bass for bands like Spezza
Rotto and Shinola. As a duo with Beth Lisick (they're married!), he'll be
doing "electronic things with and around her voice" as she tells stories.

Bob Marsh has been vocalizing since shortly after birth. Her prefers
sounds to words, but likes the sound of some words, the words of some sounds
and the sounds of things.

Composer and sound designer, David Slusser plays horns and electronics in
a deliberate, challenging way. He has worked often as a music editor for
directors Francis Coppola, George Lucas and David Lynch. He has composed for
documentaries and public radio, as well as his jazz group Rubber City.

Ron Heglin is a trombonist and vocalist doing compositional and
improvised music. He has studied at the Center For World Music, Ali Akbar
Khan College, and Indian Vocal Music with Pandit Pran Nath. Mr. Heglin has
performed in ensemble and solo throughout Europe and the United States.

Tim Perkis has been working in the medium of live electronic and computer
sound for many years, largely concerned with exploring the emergence of
life-like properties in complex systems of interaction. A founder of the
computer music band The Hub, he is also a well known performer in the San
Francisco Bay Area's active improvised music scene, and a designer of
multimedia systems for corporate clients. www.perkis.com

Jesse Quattro is a vocalist, composer and writer. She is the lead singer
of heavy metal group Carniceria, new sonic improv group The Abstractions,
and thrash-improv band Saint of Killers.

Joseph Zitt's vocal performance combines a background in traditional
synagogue and world musics with a mastery of extended vocal techniques.
While he often approaches performance non-verbally, focusing on the vocal
sounds themselves rather than the meanings of words, he also includes moving
and surprising uses of text in work that straddles the line between music
and poetry. In his solo and ensemble performances and workshops, he works to
create music that is both complex and clear, exemplifying the best that each
person can bring to free and structured improvisation.

Andre Custodio is a San Francisco born Electroacoustic
Multi-Instrumentalist, performing in in projects Nihil Communication,
Tri-Cornered Tent Show, Say Bok Gwai, Slither Syndicate,
Rudis/Custodio/Diaz-Infante Trio and various other ensembles around the
SFBA. http://home.comcast.net/~custodio2/

Dina Emerson is a vocalist specializing in new music & new opera. Since
1990 she has been a member of the Meredith Monk Vocal Ensemble, recording &
touring the USA, Europe and Asia. Dina has also been a lead singer with
Cirque du Soleil, for the shows "O" and Mystere." Other artists with whom
she has worked include Tan Dun, David Soldier, John Kelly & Co., Nam Jun
Paik, Miya Masaoka, Ken Butler, Nick Brooke and the Bay Area noise band The

Trying to bridge the gap between modern electronic music and
improvisation, Lance Grabmiller has earned himself a place among the bay
area's top laptop improvisers. He has been sighted in the last year
processing the sounds of live performers, busy intersections and piles of
junk. www.praemedia.com

Originally from Portland, Oregon, Aurora moved to Oakland in 1992 to
attend Mills College, there she studied Voice with Donna Peterson and
composition with Alvin Curran. She has performed with the Contemporary
Performance Ensemble under Steed Cowart and William Winant (including
performances with James Tenney, Christian Wolff & Pauline Oliveros), George
Lewis' Ensemble, Alvin Curran, Xopher Davidson, Elizabeth Gray, Danielle
DeGruttola, Matt Ingalls, Henry Kaiser, Miya Masoaka, John Shiurba, Damon
Smith and Andrew Voight. www.Aurorarising.com

Bob Boster is a musician and artist working primarily with electronic
instruments and/or cultural flotsam. Some might know his alter-ego Mr.
Meridies, or have heard his work in the Armageddon String Ensemble or RAJAR.
Having lived and made weird noises in Chapel Hill, Detroit, and London
during his musical career, Bob returns for his second tour of duty in the
Bay Area, having initially been lured here by the Mills musical magnet in
the mid-90's. This collaboration marks his creative reunion with the
illustrious Aurora and promises fun for the whole family....

Probably the West Coast's most enthusiastic advocate of "looping music",
Rick Walker makes a rare appearance performing solely as a vocalist. He has
an extensive repertoire of vocal techniques at his command: overtone
singing, warble singing, trill singing, guttural singing, hum-whistling,
mouth percussion and effects, yodeling and pygmy bottle blowing/falsetto
singing. www.looppool.info

Bill Walker is a gifted guitarist, composer, and electronic musician
whose career spans 25 years. Bill uses loop recorders, guitar synthesizer,
and signal processing with great skill and creativity, and will use these
talents to process his brother Rick's voice. Though not a candidate for the
California Gubernatorial Recall, Bill is setting his sites on the next
election, where his innovative platform will include, re-instating music
programs in schools, mandatory daily massage sessions for all Californians
and mandatory street dancing for all law enforcement personnel.

Amy X Neuburg's main schtick is her "avant-cabaret" for voice and
electronics; she also composes for dance and other media, and sings in
contemporary music-theatre. Past highlights include solo concerts in the
Other Minds (SF) and Bang on a Can (NYC) festivals, international touring
with Robert Ashley's operas, and 10 years of "Amy X Neuburg & Men." Her
fourth CD "Residue" will be released soon-ish on Other Minds Records.

Apparently average guy Herb Heinz actually spends most of his life making
psycho-pop CDs like the really almost nearly finished "Another." He does
occasionally leave the house, but only to do stuff like play with his improv
hippy art band "dud," or to do this --- whatever it is....

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