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Tue Nov 4 15:33:30 PST 2003

if anyone cares, here's the story on spin/feed:

Kevin Rafferty (one of the co-directors of Atomic Cafe) and Jim 
Ridgeway (political columnist) went to New Hampshire to shoot what 
they then saw as essentially a verit

>There was also a film called "Feed", which was also
>about the 1992 presidential campaign and also used satellite feed
>footage of candidates who didnt know they were on the air yet.
>very funny stuff...
>strange that 2 films so similar came out about the same exact
>thing at the same time. (actually, Feed was 3 years earlier, but
>they both were on the 92 campaigns) I wonder if these 2 films
>prompted changes in how the feeds were distributed?  Apparently
>now only media outlets get the raw feeds, and perhaps now that
>this latest has happened, it will be even more strict...
>p.s. re the Diebold thing - luckily we don't have to worry about
>it immediately in Oregon - we vote from the comfort of our own
>homes using a number 2 pencil, an envelope and a stamp.  only bad
>thing is, you have to remember to send in yr ballot in time to
>get there by election day...
>on Tue, 4 Nov 2003 Vicki Bennett told me:
>->Sorry to spam, but I've just been thinking about it some more, and it
>->if really was Bush before Gulf War *2* then it's not Spin cos that
>->was made before that.  It still sounds very much like Spin though in
>->subject matter, grabbing satellite feeds of politicians at
>->(in)appropriate moments.
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