[Rumori] Angstgiven Radio -update

Ed Special edspecial at digitalrealm.net
Wed Nov 26 17:26:49 PST 2003

Thursday's (Nov. 27)  Special Ed Angstgiven radio collage will be  
extended from 3 PM thru 7 PM.
It should be more concentrated

And I strongly recommend listening to the show that follows from 7 to 8  
PM.  Arwulf's "Face The Music"

Semigestible vintage Thanksgiving, Military Food and Meat Industry  
propaganda film soundtracks
Table manners and nutrition educational films
A few hundred sound effects
Reconstructed Julia Child and others recipes and instructions
Various species of sounds and spices
A few tablespoons of "accessible" music pieces for consistency and color

fold, spindle, mutilate, then combine ingredients,
simmer in FM radio   set to 88.3 in vicinity of Ann Arbor, Michigan
- or -
deep fry in computer linked to http://www.wcbn.org/listen.html from 3  
to 7 PM, EST. Thursgivingday, Nov 27
*(Eastern Standard Thyme)

Time Zone conversion:

Serve at high volume on a brainpan between two ears.

Ed Special <edspecial at digitalrealm.net>

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