[Rumori] Drunk on power and blind to reason.....

Colin Hinz asfi at eol.ca
Sat Nov 29 02:42:12 PST 2003

Just think, if this bunch of yahoos get their way, someone downloading
*your* sound clips may be putting money into Avril Lavigne's pocket.
Not yours, of course, that would be too rational......


SOCAN also wants the Canadian government to impose a "royalty" tax on
hard drives and "Flash" memory devices, as after all, they're being
used to store unlicensed music files.

Geez, the tax on blank CD-Rs was just the thin edge of the wedge, from
the looks of it. Fortunately, SOCAN mostly does *not* get what they
ask for. (Their original proposal for a blank CD-R tax was a whopping
$2.50 per CD-R, as that's the upper end of the range of total royalties
collected per manufactured CD.)

- Colin Hinz
  Toronto, Canada

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