[Rumori] Hollywood Preaches Anti-Piracy to Schools

Every Man every.man at pressthebutton.com
Fri Oct 24 23:38:26 PDT 2003

>"If you haven't paid for it, you've stolen it."
>that really sums it all up, doesn't it? that's what they want
>everyone to think about everything. this goes further than just
>intellectual property. the powers that be want absolutely
>everythign to be for sale, and for anything you don't buy to feel
>stolen.  it's just sad.

By this logic, everyone I gave a CD to this past weekend
(or ever) are criminals. Since I've composed these CD's
out of other people's works, I'm a criminal too....
since I didn't pay for said appropriations....no matter how
transformative they may be, no matter what my purpose
was, and no matter how open to public domain the samples

And gee, anyone who has ever gotten anything for free
(like say, at Burning Man) are also criminals.

That's it....all of us are going to prison.

Then all these jobs will be made available for the
unemployed ... but then, THEY will have to go to
prison since they've been accepting hand-outs for
awhile now.... so gee, there goes the tax payer

or maybe not...perhaps the lawyers who put us
all behind bars will have made enough money to
put us back into economic prosperity, single

Yes....the record labels shall save us all. Thank goodness.

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