[Rumori] Hollywood Preaches Anti-Piracy to Schools

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Sat Oct 25 12:56:22 PDT 2003

I agree with you Steev,  it is not about intellectual property, it goes
much further than that. The one I find really frightening is:

"We're really trying to teach young people to be responsible and to obey
laws that they may not understand"

Anki Toner

En/Na Steev Hise ha escrit:

> wow, that is really sickening.
> "If you haven't paid for it, you've stolen it."
> that really sums it all up, doesn't it? that's what they want
> everyone to think about everything. this goes further than just
> intellectual property. the powers that be want absolutely
> everythign to be for sale, and for anything you don't buy to feel
> stolen.  it's just sad.
> smh
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