[Rumori] Hollywood Preaches Anti-Piracy to Schools

Nicola Battista djbatman at olografix.org
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the former President of SIAE (italian royalty collection agency) used to

"La musica gratuita non esiste" (free music doesn't exist)

i.e. when you are giving away music you are always doing something else
(promoting a record you want to sell or doing anything else connected to
money...). The idea of (for example) kids making mod tracks and homemade
mp3s just for fun and to share with friends was totally unacceptable for
this guy.

This person was involved in a long legal action with SIAE itself (!) and I'm
not sure whether or not it has been solved.
Basically, he was the music publisher of popular song "O sole mio" which
should have been in the public domain about 30 yrs ago; when the (c) expired
he produced a dubious document that proved (?) that there was another
younger author involved in that composition, thus restoring the copyright on
that song for more decades and cashing some millions in $ for about 30


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"If you haven't paid for it, you haven't stolen it" - The new Detritus


>wow, that is really sickening.
>"If you haven't paid for it, you've stolen it."


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