[Rumori] Ward new single out!

David david at locarecords.com
Mon Aug 16 15:07:53 PDT 2004

Review of UK Based Electronica Duo WARD's New Single

Ward ‘De Fernius’ (Static Caravan). [VAN64]

Last time we featured those Ward kids Richard and David was when they 
knocked us bandy with their debut Static release from about 18 months 
ago entitled ‘Sesquipadelian Origins’ and before you ask, no we haven’t 
a clue either but you can bet your life savings it doesn’t go well with 
chips and ketchup. Since that time they’ve squeezed out an album for 
Loca Records called ‘It’s not necessarily your height it could be your 
feet’ which we somehow missed but will no doubt add to our never ending 
wish list of releases we won’t sleep until we have. Again as with the 
Young Barons release another lathe cut clear vinyl polycarbonate 
thingummyjig type er…thing (huh and they say the art of the English 
language is going for a burden). Ward step in with two tracks of such 
contrasting calibre that you’ll either be gently lulled to sleep or 
frankly to scared witless to close both your eyes at the same time ever 
again. ‘De Furnius’ is creepy, in fact so creepy that we reckon it’ll 
ensure that you’ll be leaving on all the household lights and nervously 
checking behind doors, under beds and behind sofas. Casting an eerie 
eye; in fact the same eerie eye as those belonging to the one eyed 
alien invaders with a predilection (not) to influenza from War of the 
Worlds, sparse manipulated sounds are the order of the day, impossible 
to dance to we’ve tried believe it or not, though don’t be surprised if 
various electronic appliances start acting up strangely. If you want my 
honest opinion I swear its one of those pornographic sex lines for 
toasters but in binary code. Flip over and things get a little more 
playful on ‘Armonica or Something’ in fact so playful that you swear 
the Ward duo have discovered the enchanted land were all the old 
children’s TV themes go to when they’ve been discarded and forgotten. 
Amid the gentle scratchy toy box chimes the fleeting memories of Jamie 
and his Magic Torch, the Clangers, those surreal Charley Says adverts 
from the 70’s and a positive who’s who of BBC Radiophonic incidental 
pieces found lying around on the Tardis floor come out into the 
daylight for a spot of off ground tick. Very cute indeed and well worth 
annoying your local record emporium owner about. While your there also 
check out the latest line from the Static Summer Collection by Tuung 
(limited lathe cut): a delicious cork sleeved Maps and Diagram CD 
strictly limited to just 100 pressings and a split featuring the Static 
boys in a face off with those eminent dudes from north of the border, 
Fence. www.staticcaravan.org



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