[Rumori] anti-michael moore site attacks f9/11 by posting bootlegcopy

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Thu Jul 1 11:56:24 PDT 2004

--- matt davignon <mattdavignon at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Am I reading that right? They're trying to discredit him by
> distributing his 
> movie free-of charge? I tried to go to moorewatch.com to see what
> their 
> logic was for this, but the site's down.

if you're looking for logic, i'm not sure moorewatch.com is the place
to go...  i looked through the first five pages (when i could get
through) to sift over to the torrent link & have been impressed by how
pathetic most of the posts have been...  the only ones with anything
resembling a convincing argument are all reprints of major media
stories, many of the rest sound at least as conspiratorial as moore
does, & there's the occasional "here's a story about good stuff in
iraq; if moore had his way blah blah blah"


Moore has stated he supports downloading of his work to spread the
message.  His fans spent weeks telling us the same thing when we
sponsored the “Release The Movie” project (which is dead after the
crash, and may or may not come back depending on the author’s wishes).

Let’s see if Moore really wants this to be about the work and NOT the

Steal this movie.  Promote this torrent link everywhere.  Let’s get as
many people to see this for themselves, and for free, as we can. 
Mikey, if you want to sue me, I’m not hard to find.

Thanks to reader Trond for pointing out the link.

Update by Lee: Lest anyone think that Moore disagrees with people
downloading his work product, consider this exchange during a press
conference.  Moore was asked by a reporter, “When people download your
movies without paying for them, do you think it’s a good thing because
your message gets out?” Moore’s reply:

I don’t agree with the copyright laws and I don’t have a problem with
people downloading the movie and sharing it with people.  As long as
they’re not doing it to make a profit, you know, as long as they’re not
trying to make a profit off my labor.  I would oppose that."

He then goes on about how he does very welll financially from his books
and films, so downloading his movie is really no big deal.  If you
would like to see the clip of Moore saying this, you can download the
Torrent file and check it out yourself.  So, Michael, if you decide to
sue us for posting the Torrent for your film, know that we’ll be
playing this clip as our defense.  Come on, big boy, sue us.  


"Good stuff, but exactly the kind of thing I like but can not sell."

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