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Mon Jun 21 08:10:34 PDT 2004

--- niall munnelly <aleph at aleph-null.net> wrote:
> The Conet Project is a historic collection of espionage "Numbers
> Stations".
> These Numbers Stations are found on the shortwave radio bands, and
> are used 
> by
> the CIA, MI5, MOSSAD and the rest of the world"s espionage agencies
> to
> communicate to their agents in the field.


> By taking this sound from our release, tacking it onto the end of the
> track
> "Poor Places", and failing to obtain permission to release their CD
> with our
> sound on it, WEA International, an RIAA record label, infringed our 
> copyright.
> It is only after the case was brought to the High Court of Justice in
> London
> that they have finally relented and have been pressured to, in their
> own 
> words,
> "reluctantly agree" to pay Irdial-Discs a royalty in perpetuity on a 
> worldwide
> basis.

but wouldn't the cia be the actual copyright holders in this case, not
the conet project?  and wouldn't the conet project be actually
violating the cia's copyright by recording these broadcasts in the
first place?  i'm confused about where their "ownership" comes in.

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