[Rumori] L.A. Times - When copyright law meets the 'mash-up'

David david at locarecords.com
Thu Mar 25 11:47:15 PST 2004

Hi Gabor,

Very interested to hear you are doing a PhD on sampling. You might 
therefore be interested in our open-source/copyleft record label LOCA 
records which is online at http://www.locarecords.com

Also we really like http://www.libresociety.org who are also studying 
this from a more academic perspective...



On 25 Mar 2004, at 11:03, Vályi Gábor wrote:

> Dear Rumori folks,
> i'm relatively new to this list and was reading for a while before 
> saying
> something dumb.
>  I haven't seen anyone on the list commenting on MTV Mash yet, not 
> even this
> LA Times journo.
> Maybe I've missed it, maybe it's because it's on European MTV mutations
> only.
> Anyway: the show is a short programme weekly, offering mash ups of hit
> videos (pink vs the cure). I wonder if they ask for permission/clear
> copyrights.
> The thing I find interesting about it is that a part of music industry 
> is
> jumping on the Mash Up bandwagon. Of course capitalist cultural 
> production
> was always keen on incorporating (or for you leftists exploit) hip / 
> cool /
> underground subcultures. Now they do it again (the show usually 
> features
> short interviews with mash up djs + reports from mash up parties), but 
> it is
> when pop eats its masters: even MTV promotes the idea of the Mash Up  
> as a
> popular art form implicitly encouraging people to infringe copyright. 
> They
> also organize MTV Mash parties europwide with motorola as their main
> sponsor.
> Is it the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end?
> :)
> (for more info: http://mtvmash.mtv.co.uk/mtvmash/)
> BTW I'm a PhD student in Budapest, Hungary studying musical sampling 
> from a
> Cultural Studies perspective. Nice to be with you people!
> Gabor



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