[Rumori] right wing collages

Bob Boster boster at pobox.com
Wed May 12 16:34:55 PDT 2004

bb> Not audio/video: but a direction to research as opposed to an example, 
but I would check out the Futurists (Rusolo, et al.).  I think some of them 
were facist leaning and they might have some work that fits into the 
general rubric of 'collage'.

Past that I wonder if there's some other stuff that fits into the Ayn 
Rand/Objectivist school that might fit.

And then there's old Adolf himself, but I've never seen any of his 'art'...


On a very reductive level, I guess the idea collage implies a sort of 
creative idea about 'order' and I think that tends to be somewhat 
antithetical to right wing thinking.

At 00:58 05/11/2004 -0500, kembrew mcleod wrote:
>can anyone think of any interesting or good examples of video/audio collages
>that have a right wing slant, rather than a lefty one? i can think of lots of
>talk radio cut-ups that used the now-famous howard dean "i have a scream"
>speech, but few others come to mind (i guess that's because of the media
>channels i consume).
>any ideas?
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