[Rumori] right wing collages

Ian Reddy dr144 at freenet.carleton.ca
Wed May 12 20:13:16 PDT 2004

>bb> Not audio/video: but a direction to research as opposed to an example, 
>but I would check out the Futurists (Rusolo, et al.).  I think some of them 
>were facist leaning and they might have some work that fits into the 
>general rubric of 'collage'.

The futurists were weird and through their manifestoes(sp?) they expressed
views on both of the extreme ends of the political spectrums.  Carra in
particular did some interesting (and nationalist) collage work.

>And then there's old Adolf himself, but I've never seen any of his 'art'...

I saw a bit in one of my classes, I vaguely remember it being derivative
of the impressionists but I might be getting my memory twisted.

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