[Rumori] A Project of Mine

David Mattatall davidsmind at davidsmind.com
Mon Aug 1 05:18:19 PDT 2005

I don't really know if it belongs on this list or not, but I thought i'd 

*-_-*-_-*32 Days, 6 Hours, 25 Minutes and 12 Seconds of Non-Stop Music: An 
Exercise in Pointlessness*-_-*-_-*

I’ve come up with a delectably retarded personal mission for myself. I am 
going to listen to my entire personal collection of music(10978 files) 
alphabetically and without deviance. The project shall hereby be referred to 
as “32 Days of Music” or “32 Days” for short.

Read full mission report here:

Follow progress here:

I also plan on this forcing me to become a better writer...right now I am very 
rough around the edges.

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