The Bike Audio Project by Steev Hise

This project is a guerilla performance/audio piece that utilizes 3 bike-borne mobile sound systems playing back precomposed sound collages produced by myself. The performers of this piece, The Loud Spokers, are led and conducted by me in a sort of synchronized but semi-improvisational route through a section of the city.

The goal of the piece is to play with notions of accepted and expected ambient sound in a public space, and to inject surprising, and at times subversive, audio information into the consciousnesses of urban dwellers. Also, a more formal concern is one of rapidly varying spatialization of sound in an uncontrolled environment.

The Loud Spokers made their debut on Augst 14, 2002, at Waterfront Park in Portland. Future performances are planned for the near future.

A short video documenting the performance is included on the From Portland With Bike Love DVD.

here is one bike's-worth of one section of the original audio. The full 6 (3 stereo pairs) channels mixed down to stereo of all 6 sections are now available on

The Loud Spokers have been: Jon Van Oast, Brady Clark, Mykle Hansen, Steev Hise (conducting), Ed Statsny
images on this page are frame grabs from video shot by Ed Statsny.
More Photos (by Steev and May Pischner-Barruel).

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