September 24-26, 2001: Port Macquarie and the Bush
After leaving Sydney, I took the train to Newcastle, and then rented (or "hired" as they say in Australia) a car and drove to Port Macquarie. Newcastle is about 250 kilometers north up the coast from Sydney, and Port Macquarie another 300 km north from there. I had time to have lunch and send some email in Newcastle, and then I was hitting the Pacific Highway.

While in Port Macquarie I went to a koala rescue hospital, went to the beach, had great fish and chips, and drove inland to see some rainforest at the Willi Willi National Park (I was trying to get to the Werrikimbe National Park but I ran out of time). On the way back to Newcastle on the morning of the 26th, I saw some grey kangaroos in the wild. I'm really happy I took this little jaunt, otherwise I would have spent my whole time in Oz in cities. I like pubs and electronic music, but I also really like nature!

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