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Steev in Oz, September 2001
small map of central east coast of Australia
From 21 - 29 September, 2001, I was in Australia, a place I've always wanted to visit. I was there because I was invited to perform and speak at Electrofringe, a festival of new media and electronic art that happens every year in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, as part of a larger event called This is Not Art. I spent a few days in Sydney first, then I wandered up the coast a bit, then down to Newcastle for the festival. Below are links to the photos that I took and the reports I wrote about my travels while I was there.

Of course 8 days wasn't nearly enough time to even begin to see Australia. But hopefully I will get back there again soon, for a more extended stay.

If you have any questions or comments about these photos or writings, let me know.

notes from the road:
(these are a bit non-chronological, in a way. they skip about somewhat, but they basically follow the descriptions listed)
  • report 1 - arrival and first impressions
  • report 2 - Sydney - first day
  • report 3 - more Sydney - Manley, King's Cross
  • report 4 - overview, upcoming festival
  • report 5 - the bush, wildlife, Port Macquarie
  • report 6 - Drive back to Newcastle, the festival, september 26 & 27
  • report 7 - festival, september 28, closing words
(photos taken with a Canon Elura2, Kodak APS ASA200 film)

I have several hours of nice field recordings on mini-disc, some of which will eventually make it up here as mp3s, but this will happen gradually.
last update: December 29, 2001
Stream All
  • visiting a music shop in Newtown, Sydney, September 21.
  • ~3 minutes, 2.9 Mbytes stream download
  • Birds, cars, and trains in Waverton, Sydney, September 21.
  • 2:21, 2.1 Mbytes stream download
  • Sitting outside at a cafe. Cars passing by, children talking with their mother at a table next to me. September 21.
  • 8:23, 7.7 Mbytes stream download
  • On the train from Newtown, headed for Townhall Station, Sydney. September 21.
  • 0:54, 846 kbytes stream download
  • An Aboriginal playing digeridoo at Circular Quay, Sydney, September 22.
  • 1:45, 1.6 Mbytes stream download
  • Lunchtime at a sandwhich shop at Circular Quay, Sydney, September 22.
  • 0:36, 563 kbytes stream download
  • PLU set, Mark and Steev chatting about malfunctioning equipment
    Live at Electrofringe 2001 - September 28, 2001, Mission Theatre, Newcastle
  • 01:40, 1.60 Mbytes stream download
  • "I Want A Cookie" - live excerpt (malfunctioning Thimbletron)
    Evolution Control Committee - Live at Electrofringe 2001 - 28/9/2001, Newcastle, AU
  • 03:26, 3.30 Mbytes stream download
  • "Rocked by Rape", live excerpt (malfunctioning Thimbletron)
    Evolution Control Committee - Live at Electrofringe 2001 Sept 28, Newcastle
  • 00:42, 0.68 Mbytes stream download
  • Electrofringe 2001
    Sweden - Live at Electrofringe 2001 - September 28, 2001, Newcastle
  • 02:01, 1.95 Mbytes stream download
  • "Jumpin Jack Flash"
    Sweden - Live at Electrofringe 2001 - September 28, 2001, Newcastle
  • 01:22, 1.32 Mbytes stream download

    Thanx to the following people who helped make my time in Oz a wonderful experience, and who helped my participation in the festival be the success that I think it was: Shannon O'Neill, Isabel, Joni Taylor, Susan King, Paul Wain, Mark Gunderson, Douglas Kahn, Adrian Bertram, Jamie of Mu-Meson Archives, Michael Hill and Louise (thanx for the flannie!) and all of the great people who asked wonderful intelligent questions about cultural recycling at my talk!

    note: some names were changed to protect online privacy...