minneapolis summit | october 2001


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escape mechanism
steev hise
the tape-beatles

escape mechanism’s samples

escape mechanism’s sources were characteristically minimal. utilizing a single source, four LP sides long, escape mechanism wittled hours of radio interviews presented on the army reserve weekly radio program, “nightbird and company: cosmic connections” with host allison steele, down to essential elements and then transformed the intent and direction of the interviews for this piece.

allison steele spoke each week with top artists of the time, and played their music. the artists sampled, as interviewed by ms. steele, include the likes of popular seventies artists peter allen, the guess who, roxy music, the hudson brothers and kenny rankin, each of whom were made to weigh in on which came first, the cart or the horse.

a deliberately vague metaphorical construct exhibits a most exciting effect — multiple interpretations, as unique as each individual listener.