The People Behind VirComm

Viral Communications was founded in January 1993 by Cecil Q. Resonator when he asked Steev Hise to be the Director of Operations. However, no one has ever seen Dr. Resonator (VirComm Chief Scientist) and Mr. Hise together in the same room.

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Viral Communications is also Node 023 of UnderWorld Industries. Many thanx to UWI001 (Jon) for making the first version of this VirComm WebSpace possible, and for all his other help and coolness.

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UWI's Web's Edge (The best Web site anywhere!)
Jon's personal pages: [email protected] (he's really an interesting guy, go ahead, take a look.)

Everybody Else

There's all sorts of other people who have been absolutely vital and incredibly important to VirComm and all that it has accomplished. A digital monument will be linked from here soon!

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