Wobbly Radio

The larger the city, the tighter the control kept on local radio. Even the tiniest stations leave nothing to chance; every second of the broadcast day must be accounted for, months in advance. Network affiliates replace local programming with national drop-ins, independent stations hop from one micro-format to another, college radio forcibly implements 'multi-genre' programming to regulate the colorful 'sound' of spontaneity. Improvisation is not tolerated, it is simulated.

But the disruptive presence at the heart of every radio station is still audible. With each passing year, the multi-track mixer presents itself to a wider and wider audience, no longer as a tool, but as a popular musical instrument. As popular music continues to open up the practice of self-expression through collage, the radio medium becomes one of the most obvious and relevant sites for new musical exploration.

And that's where we here at General Injectables and Signals Incorporated come in HOO boy. By purchasing the rights to all five years of the 1990-94 'Wobbly' weekly radio live mix program, we've invested in some of the most uncompromising and SUPER creative experimentation around. Millions of dollars in computer analysis are breaking apart these 'intuitive' improvisations as we speak, steadfastly determining the definitive algorhythmic spontaneities that will improve the credibility of nearly any radio station's triple hit format.

In the meantime, here are three full discs culled from the 'Wobbly' archives. "Towards the end things got pretty bad," says Roltt, running a hand through his thick jet black hair and red eyes, "I do not think that I will be trusting anyone, ever again. I mean, as if anyone reading this doesn't know me personally." It is Roltt and the other resident content providers just like him that supply GISI with the precise blend of ironic charisma that guarantees the attentive young demographic we'll need in the future! And it is THIS 3 disc set of vague, dated radio improvisations that contains the music by which today's teenagers shall know themselves!

GISI's acquisition of 'Wobbly' brought an end to the group's early days of supportive collaboration and mutual friendship. Or as Liar puts it: "Just try and survive yes, initially these collage techniques seemed inherently disruptive, it was possible to produce radio broadcasts that effectively disabled all mass media credibility, our signal exposed the medium directly to the listener, but suddenly today's auteur directs television commercials for self-expression, artists WANT to break into advertising so's they can be subversive, and they're willing to pay us millions to purchase our critiques, it's Hopeless, watch them quote me warning you," and indeed, these early 'mellow' pieces from the final months before the group's dissolution show 'Wobbly' together at their most intimate and committed. But don't worry! Merely by offering these critical works for sale, they've been rendered harmless to our financial concerns. As we all know, that's simply how it works.

Sure, if this were the old days, all we'd have to fight is Evil. Until then, however, we'll see you at work.

Mike Worm, master director of marketing for GISI, CRYH