Selected Discography

1996 Greetings, CD, GISI
1999 Radio, 3 CDR set, Ovenguard
2001 Regards, CDR ep, Alku
2002 Playlist, CD ep, Illegal Art
2002 Live 99>00, CD, Phthalo
2002 Wild Why, CD, Tigerbeat6
2019 Monitress, CD/K7, Hausu Mountain
2021 Popular Monitress, CD/K7/DL, Hausu Mountain
2023 Additional Kids, CD/K7/DL, Hausu Mountain


2002 Escape Mechanism, Steev Hise, Tape-beatles, Wobbly: Minneapolis Summit CD ep, Staalplaat
2002 People Like Us / Wobbly: There Goes Nothing (live 28 May 02), CDR, self-released
2003 Matmos / People Like Us / Wobbly, Wide Open Spaces, CD, Tigerbeat6
2004 Wobbly (with Blevin Blectum, Sutekh, People Like Us), Multiple Peady, 12" ep, Boniato
2004 Sagan, Unseen Forces, CD & DVD, Vague Terrain
2006 Sagan, Resting Pleasures, 7" single, 333 Recordings
2008 Dimuzio / Wobbly, Live Thermal Inertias, CDR, Dolor Del Estamago
2008 Little Blue Books, Learn Cryptography, CDR, self-released
2010 People Like Us / Wobbly, Music For The Fire, CD, Illegal Art
2010 Lesser / Matmos / Wobbly, Simultaneous Quodlibet, LP, Important
2014 Moebius / Story / Leidecker, Snowghost Pieces, CD/LP, Bureau B
2016 Negativland, Over The Edge Volume 9: The Chopping Channel, CD, Seeland
2017 Tania Chen / Jon Leidecker, Piano + Electronics at Tom's Place, CDR, self-released
2017 Moebius / Story / Leidecker, Familiar, CD/LP, Bureau B
2018 Animals & Giraffes, Landlocked Beach, CD, Creative Sources
2018 Tania Chen with Thurston Moore, David Toop & Jon Leidecker, John Cage: Electronic Music For Piano, CD, Omnivore
2018 Tania Chen / Jon Leidecker, Live In Japan, CDR, Eh?
2019 Zeena Parkins & Wobbly, Triplicates, CD, Relative Pitch
2019 Negativland, True False, CD/LP, Seeland
2020 Negativland, The World Will Decide, CD/LP, Seeland
2021 Sagan, Antiark, CD, Seeland
2021 Dimuzio / Wobbly / Courtis, Redwoods Interpretive, LP, Oscarson
2022 Negativland, Speech Free: Recorded Music For Film, Radio, Internet and Television, Seeland, CD/LP
2023 Amen Seat, Deathbomb Arc, CD
2023 Cheryl E. Leonard & Wobbly, Multiple Park, Gilgongo, LP


2023 The Messes, The Middle Ages, 2LP, name of Tasmanian record label TBA
TBA Zoh Amba & Wobbly, TBA
TBA Jennifer Walshe & Wobbly, Moreover, TBA
TBA Tim Perkis & Wobbly, Studio Basilisk
TBA Inanimate Engine (Antimatter / Tim Perkis / Wobbly)


Thomas Dimuzio, Mono::Poly, Asphodel/Gench, 'I Have Your Problem' performed by Dimuzio / Otani / Wobbly, recorded 25 Feb 01 at KFJC, 2002
Kevin Blechdom, Your Butt ep, Dudini, 'I Am Nastay', written and produced by Kevin Blechdom and Wobbly, 2002
Fred Frith, Keep The Dog, Fred/ReR, First montage & final clean-up of master, 2003
Pepito, The New World, Static, programming on "A Day In L.A.", 2004
Safety Scissors, Tainted Lunch, Scape, electric piano on "Breastbone", 2005
The League of Automatic Music Composers 1978-1983, New World Records, Producer / Editor, 2007
Matmos, Supreme Balloon, Matador, Synthesizer, 2008
The League of Automatic Music Composers, ARCHIVE 1978-1981, Alku, Editor, 2009
So Percussion & Matmos, Treasure State, Synthesizer & Editing, Cantaloupe, 2010
El Elle, 'Glamorous', Co-production, 2011
John Cage, The Ten Thousand Things, Samples & Electronics on "27'10.554" for a percussionist" with William Winant, 2013
Phipps Pt., Kiss You So Many Times You Can't Count My Love, Bandcamp, production / keyboards, 2015
M.C.Schmidt, Batu Malablab CD, Megaphone, electronics & editing, 2015
Thurston Moore, 'Pollination', 'Spring Swells', 'Three Graces', 3 7" set, Ecstatic Peace Library, remixing, 2019
Thurston Moore Group, Spirit Counsel, 3CD Box, Ecstatic Peace Library, 2019
Phillip Greenlief, Bellinghgam For David Ireland, CD, Edgetone, 2020
Thurston Moore Group, Hashish (Wobbly Mixes), 7", Ecstatic Peace Library, 2020
Thurston Moore Group, By The Fire, CD/LP, Ecstatic Peace Library, 2020

Compilation Appearances

Live at Cultural Labyrinth, Cultlab, 'Fragment 1', 1998
Extracted Celluloid, Illegal Art, 'Only Musical', 1998
I'm so Bored of the USA, Diskono, 'Lunchtime USA' (w/Wet Gate), 1999
The Sound of Music, Staalplaat, 'Weatherman's Big 10-8 Doof' (w/Negativland), 1999
I'm so Bored of the USA #2, Diskono, 'Wild Why (edit)' (as Brindle Spork), 1999
Party Like It's Only $19.99, Evolution Controlled Creations, '19999' & 'Mommy Bomb' (as Brindle Spork), 2000 (mp3)
Klang #1, Klang, '199' (album version), 2000
Klang #2, Klang, 'The Best of Bob Wills' (as Brindle Spork), 2000 (mp3)
TOYWAR.lullabies, ETOY, 'If Someone Touches You' (w/People Like Us & Jet Black Hair People), 2000 (mp3)
T_ZERO_0, Touch, 'KZSU 14 Sept 99' (w/People Like Us & Jet Black Hair People), 2000 (mp3)
Tigerbeat6, Inc., Tigerbeat6, 'Made Happy', 2001
Tribute to James T. Russell, Alku, 'Mini Bleb', 2001
Tired of Standing Still, Highpoint Lowlife, 'Pro Resign' (as Brindle Spork), 2001
Sound Unseen 2001, 'ww22' (aka 'vogv', aka 'wild why track 25', album version), 2001
And The Beat Goes Off, Tigerbeat6, 'vogv' (aka 'wild why track 25', album version), 2002
Bricolage no. 1, Illegal Art, 'Bleached Point 1-6 (Nov 1999 remix of Steev Hise's 'Original'), 2002
X + Y = XY : 10 Blind Dates, Alku, 'Time's Up + Wobbly', 2002
Illegal Art, Stay Free/Illegal Art, 'Clawing Your Eyes Out Down To Your Throat' (album version), 2002
Ministry of Shit, Spasticated Records, 'Let Me Know', 2003
journey avec oxymoron san, Melange, 'live at the tiptoe' (sic, recorded live 9 Feb 00), 2003
Praeface, Praemedia, 'I Think He's Serious' (w/Matt Ingalls, recorded live 22 Feb 01), 2003
Pepito Remixes ep, Alku, 'Salyut (Wobbly Remix)', 2003
Pigeon Funk Remixed, Oni-tor, 'Your Bird Last Year', 2003
Art Bears Revisited, ReR, 'Winter/War/Force', 2004
Pigeon Funk, Proptronix/Oni-tor, 'Your Bird Last Year', 2004
San Francisco Electronic Music Festival 2004, 'Please Stop Honoring Me' (with Tim Perkis), SFEMFCD, 2004
Fake Electronix Catalog Volume One, Proptronix, 'Failure' (as Brindle Spork), 2005
Soul Junk Remixed 1937, Sounds Are Active, 'Aiming Narrow', 2005
Project Bicycle, Ache, 'Flee You', 2006
Evol -- Punani Quatre, Alku, 'Buried Driver', 2006
Eats Tapes -- Remix Party, Tigerbeat6, 'Body Party', 2006
Ghos Busters III, Record Label Records, 'Limited Party 4', 2007
Femme Toupee Issue 3, '5803 Decade Rows' & '5803 World Retrograde', 2007
Saturnic Viscera and Moonguts Oraculum at Ocean Bleach October 28 2006, Dolor Del Estamago, 'PWDX', 2007
Bulbs / Wobbly Split 7", Ache Records, 'Tiny Tongue', 2008
Smiling Through My Teeth, Sonic Arts Network, 'Dark Days Bright Nights' (as The Freddy McGuire Show), 2008
Drinking The Goat's Blood, Record Label Records, 'I Can't Speak' & 'A Wall Of Blood', 2010
Less Lethal Volume 2, Alku, 'There Is No Mountain', 2014
Horse Lords -- Hidden Cities Remix, Bandcamp, 'Pioneer Tracking', 2015
Gut & Irmer/Moebius-Story-Leidecker 12", "Squib" & "Last Image" (as Moebius-Story-Leidecker), Bureau B, 2015
Rogue Pulse / Gravity Collapse, Ratskin, 'Destroying Anything' (Negativland), 'Unfriend' (Wobbly), 'EKOPLX/GRM/JSUN' (Matmos + Wobbly), 2017
Moebius-Story-Leidecker/Andreas Spechtl 12", "Zucken" & "Schnorr" (as Moebius-Story-Leidecker), Bureau B, 2018
Curiosa 1, Curious Music, 'Public Monitress', 2019
Algorithmic Art Assembly v1.0, Highpoint Lowlife, 'Studio Basilisk No. 2' (Tim Perkis & Wobbly), 2020
HausMo Mixtape II, Hausu Mountain, 'Medieval Refrigerator', 2020
Clipping. Remxng 2.3, Sub Pop, 'Blood Of The Fang (Not Guilty Remix)' by Wobbly, 2022
For The Birds: The Birdsong Project, Downtown, 'Kookaburra Boogie' (by Thurston Moore & Wobbly), 2022

Discography of mp3-only Albums