1 - Migration Rights
2 - MacyCon '98
3 - Professional Ascender
4 - Half-Earth
5 - Starship And Canoe
6 - Human Use
7 - Crystal Eyed
8 - Self-Described
9 - Sillin Keeper
10 - Anti-Ark
11 - The Myth Of Invariance

Blevin Blectum -
J Lesser -
Wobbly -

(c)(p) Sagan (Kelley / Doerck / Leidecker)
Seeland 537 - March 2021

Recorded by Blevin Blectum, J Lesser & Wobbly, 2004-2005
Additional recording & editing by Wobbly, 2008-2016
Mastered by Xopher Davidson, 2017

1970s space colony paintings (Stanford Torus design) by Don Davis
Commissioned by NASA
Images are in the public domain
HD scans courtesy of the artist

Graphic Design by Shawn Wolfe

Thanks: Don Davis, Megan Prelinger, Ryan Junell

For Carl Sagan and Gregory Bateson

...we know that individual bark beetle lacks our powers of intelligent self-observation. Otherwise, at the critical moment where the horde to which it belongs has consumed exactly half of the forest in which it resides, we would undoubtedly observe millions of individual beetles voluntarily starving themselves to death to insure a livable world for their descendants.

-Raymond Bien

Insistence on communication ultimately leads to social and physical violence. Anticommunication ultimately leads to insistence on composition and peace. Anticommunication is an attempt, not a refusal.

-Herbert Brun