True False

1 - Either Or
2 - Limbo
3 - Discernment
4 - Certain Men
5 - Melt The North Pole
6 - Fourth Of July
7 - Mounting The Puppy
8 - One Bee At A Time
9 - Secret Win
10 - Destroying Anything
11 - Cadillac
12 - This Is Not Normal
13 - Yesterday Hates Today
14 - True False

For this project, Negativland is/was:
Ian Allen, Peter Conheim, Mark Hosler, Don Joyce, Jon Leidecker, Richard Lyons and David Wills
Prairie Prince: drums on Discernment, Melt The North Pole
Ava Mendoza: guitar on Mounting The Puppy
M.C. Schmidt: prepared piano and baking tray on Destroying Anything
Nava Dunkleman: percussion on One Bee At A Time and Yesterday Hates Today
Stella, Beatrice, Méabh de Siún, Vivian, Aasha, Neela, Ruby, Dee Dee, Savanna: the Not Normal Animal Chorus

Cover Design: Dan Lynch and Negativland
Cover and label paintings: Dan Lynch
Engineering for Pianos & Prepared Pianos: Brett Allen at SnowGhost Studios, Montana
Mastering: Thomas Dimuzio
Lacquer Cut: John Golden
Thanks to: Taylor Jessen, Steev Hise, Kaya Ayak, jenbenmedia, Matthew Patterson Curry, Laurie McKenna & Bisbee Central School Project, Brett Allen, the guest musicians & everyone we sampled

For Don, Richard and Ian