Wobbly: Wild Why

Wild Why Parts 1-27

Wobbly - Wild Why v3.44

Source material recorded directly from commercial radio broadcasts in the San Francisco Bay Area. Multitracked and developed on an Orban Audicy workstation and finalized in Pro Tools. Composed by Jon Leidecker, January 99 � March 02. Granular Synthesis (via SGI/Stampede) on track 1 by Steev Hise. Mastered by Thomas Dimuzio at Gench Studios, March 02. Graphic design by Jon Santos.

The sample list for Wild Why is still under construction. Send your contributions towards a complete list to: [email protected]. Respect and gratitude to all the composers, musicians, vocalists, producers, and engineers whose work is sampled within this piece.

Thanks to: Laura, Vicki, Steev, Peter, Drew & Martin, Jose & Ana, Kristin, Jay, Bevin, Miguel, Sue & Josh, Matthew, Seth & Seeta, Ana & Roc, D Joyce, J Oswald (debt to �Kissing Jesus� noted in title sir), C Stone, B Boster, N Humon, B Dimuzio, T1, Costa, KB, Jim, Byram, Jeff, Windy, Cup, Andee, Alan, Windy, Andrew Philips, Richard Pierce, Barry Blesser, Chris Ball, Lisa, Corey, Vinay, my parents, my family, and Monica.

wild why v3.44 lyric sheet.