Popular Monitress

1 - Instant Canon
2 - Authenticated Krell
3 - Appalachian Gendy
4 - Lent Foot
5 - Synaptic Padberg
6 - Consensual Tune
7 - Motown Electronium
8 - Training Lullaby
9 - Every Piano
10 - Grossi Polyphony
11 - Futility Funktionen
12 - Simulmakfratra
13 - Illiac Ergodos 7!
14 - Wurfelspiel
15 - Cope By Design
16 - Dusthorn Sawpipe
17 - Help Desk
18 - Thoughtful Refrigerator
19 - Popular Monitress
20 - Trillionth Riff
21 - Leapday Voyager

Cover by Maxwell Allison
Mastered by Thomas Dimuzio
Voices captured and edited 2015-2020
Released February 2021 by Hausu Mountain, CD / Cassette / Download

Like its predecessor Monitress, this is an album about machine listening. Once again my mobile phones and tablets are running pitch trackers and synth apps, converting the sounds they hear into error-prone melodies. The trackers are solely reflexive. They can not learn, or remember, but they output sounds of unarbitrary complexity, or what often gets called music. But a music less defined as a form of self-expression, and more as a model of relationships within society, specifically those relationships being formed between ourselves and our tools.

If the last album focused more on improvisations and abstraction, this time around I prepared more in the way of tunes ahead of time before turning them over to the trackers. I also let myself push the results around a little more. The title is less ironic than a long standing sense that the music you do not like yet is the music most likely to come in handy.

Referenced: The Barrons, David Tudor, Max V. Mathews & John Pierce, Lejaren Hiller, Pierre Barbaud, Iannis Xenakis, Herbert Brun, James Tenney, Gottfried Michael Koenig, Pietro Grossi, Sister Harriet Padberg, Gordon Mumma, Roland Kayn, Raymond Scott, Joel Chadabe, Douglas Leedy, Laurie Spiegel, David Behrman, The League of Automatic Music Composers, Don Slepian, The Hub, Maryanne Amacher, David Cope, George E. Lewis.

Equipment used: Sonnus G2M, Midimorphosis, MIDI Guitar 2, TC-11, Phawuo, GrainBender, Scythe, Manetron2, PPG WaveMapper, djay Pro, Taqsim World Piano, ARK-1 Arabic Keyboard, Shire Whistle, FieldScaper, Animoog, Virtual ANS, Cube Synth, microTERA, Tera Synth, AudioLayer, Phasemaker, iVCS3, iLectric Piano, Synth One, Infinite, NeoSoul Keys, ComboOrgan, Ruckers 1628, VoxSyn, iMonoPoly, World Scales, Moog Model 15, Moog Model D, ODYSSEi, Streetlytron Pro, tardigrain, Korg Module, Dedalus, SampleWiz, Quanta, Sylo Synth, Shoom, Thor, Steel Guitar, ReSlice, Fractal Bits, Maschine 2, iConvolver, GliderVerb, Poseidon, bitKlavier, iSEM, SoundyThingie, DXi, iOptigan, FM4, iCathedral, SingingFingers, Galileo, iMini, Stria, iPulsaret, 76 Synthesizer, iPolysix, Burea, Turquoise DS, SeekBeats, bent.fm, Alina, AUFX: Dub, Oriental Strings, iSymphonic, MegaCurtis, MicroTones, Moon Beam, Photophore, Samplr, Stone Echo, Syndt, Jussi, Baervaag, Enkl, Fugue Machine, Audio Reverb, Drums, Drums XD, Ripplemaker, FunkBox, DRM-32, FM 304, Elastic Drums, DrumKick, DM1, DM2, Argon, AD 480 pro, Attractor, Movement I-V, Drumatron, Wilsonic & aardvark -- plus Mackie 1404 & Pro Tools HD.

Special guests: Mark Hosler - Guitar on Lent Foot and Drew Daniel - Rhythm programming on Every Piano.

Thanks to: Evans Hankey (for the loan), Zeena Parkins, Jennifer Walshe, Doug & Max, Seth & Seeta, Drew & Martin, Emma & Meabh and especially my parents.