Negativland Presents Over The Edge Vol. 9
The Chopping Channel

1. Bud Choke's Smiling Voice
2. This Is Raymond Bien
3. The Man From The World
4. Trash Drum Biscuit Cred
5. The Stain Of Music
6. Two Beautiful Car Horn
7. Homes and Bombs
8. Spiritual Transformation
9. Ethnic Prosthetics
10. Family Friends Laundry
11. Stop
12. Become What You Hear
13. Candle and Cradle
14. They Know How Busy You Are
15. The Violet Flame
16. Everything's Fine
17. Food and Water
18. Almost Every Time

Recorded December 20, 2007 & February 19, 2009 on Over The Edge, KPFA FM as 'World Radio World' and 'World Radio World II'. Participants were Don Joyce, Mark Gergis, Peter Conheim and Jon Leidecker. Cat herding & packaging conceptualization / translation with Mark Hosler. Packaging by Shawn Wolfe.

The first edition, available only through mail order, included an audio cart individually labelled and recorded by Don Joyce for use in the live mixing of Over The Edge and Negativland stage performances, as well as a small plastic bag containing approximately 2 grams of Don Joyce's cremains. We think he would have wanted it this way.

Released October 21, 2016