Tania Chen with Thurston Moore, David Toop & Jon Leidecker

John Cage: Electronic Music For Piano - 69:12

Tania Chen - Piano
Thurston Moore - Electric Guitar
David Toop - Feedback
Jon Leidecker - Mobiles & Mixer
Gino Robair - Production & Chance-Procedure Assembly

Tania / Thurston & Tania / David duos recorded at RAK Studios, London
Tania / Jon duo recorded at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley
Multitrack recordings of all duos assembled via chance procedure by Gino Robair with assistance from Jon Leidecker at his apartment in San Francisco

Engineered by Luca Theis, Max Anstruther, Adam Munoz, Wes Maebe
Mixed by Dave Hunt
Mastered by Michael Romanowski
Released by Omnivore Records, 2018
CD release on Omnivore Records, 2018