The World Will Decide

1 - Unlawful Assembly
2 - Content
3 - Before I Ask
4 - Why Are We Waiting
5 - Create The Visitor
6 - We Can Really Feel Like We're Here
7 - More Data
8 - I Didn't Know I Was Dead
9 - Failure
10 - Don't Don't Get Freaked Out
11 - Anything Else
12 - Attractive Target
13 - Open Your Mouth
14 - Incomprehensible Solution
15 - The World Will Decide

For this project, Negativland is / was:
Ian Allen, Peter Conheim, Mark Hosler, Don Joyce, Jon Leidecker, Richard Lyons and David Wills

Prairie Prince: drums on Before I Ask, Failure, The World Will Decide
Kristin Erickson: Alexa Skills Set wrangling on Before I Ask
Steev Hise: backing vocals and guitar noise on Before I Ask
Nava Dunkleman: percussion on We Can Really Feel Like We're Here
Ava Mendoza: guitar on Failure
Steve Fisk: wish tape on Failure
M.C. Schmidt: plastic oil drum on Failure, prepared piano on Attractive Target, baking tray on Incomprehensible Solution
Drew Daniel: sequencing on Anything Else, Attractive Target
Kyle Bruckmann: oboe on Anything Else
Star St. Germain, Jackie Gratz, Kris Force: strings on Anything Else
Jem Doulton: percussion on Incomprehensible Solution
Erich Hubner: bass on The World Will Decide

Cover Design: Dan Lynch and Negativland
Cover and label paintings: Dan Lynch
Engineering for Pianos & Prepared Pianos: Brett Allen at SnowGhost Studios, Montana
Mastering: Thomas Dimuzio
Lacquer Cut: John Golden
Thanks to: Taylor Jessen, jenbenmedia, Steev Hise, Sue-C, Matmos, Sophia Poirier, Andre' Cholmondeley, Laurie McKenna and the Bisbee Central School Project, Kevin Slagle, the guest musicians & everyone we sampled

For Don, Richard and Ian