9 March 2011



No Quorum needed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5sx-4i5y0E

October 2010

Occasional lectures based on the Variations Podcast continue, including a free presentation open to the public on October 11th at Mills College: Songslines, 7:30pm, Ensemble Room.

npr.org's 'A Blog Supreme' is featuring mp3 downloads of two of the sets I was involved in during last month's High Zero Festival in Baltimore: Wobbly, Drew Daniel, Keith Fullerton Whitman & Shayna Dunkelman & Tiffany Defoe, Andrea Neumann, Juanjose Rivas & Wobbly. Links to Keith Fullerton Whitman's solo modular set & Tomoko Sauvage's duet with M. C. Schmidt are in the sidebar.

Video from Ayako Kataoka's Chaos Modulation @ High Zero 2010, performed by Ayako with Peter Blasser, Drew Daniel, Shayna Dunkelman, Ju Suk Reet Meate, Liz Meredith & myself (offstage, live mixing and sampling).

The April 1, 2010 episode of Crack O' Dawn with myself and Barbara Golden, 'Women In Electronic Music 1938-1982' is now online as the fourth podcast offered by the recently relaunched Phthalo Records.

September 2010

Matmos / Lesser / Wobbly - Simultaneous Quodlibet, available October 10th on Important Records. Based on a series of radio quartet improvisations recorded on tour in the Summer of 2008, and built out into an album that splits the difference between music that could have only been improvised and music that could only have been meticulously composed. Or, more simply, music by friends.

Playing some shows in NYC and the High Zero Festival in Baltimore later this month.

A blog entry on Variations and Natural Electronics from my friend Gino Robair, and an interview with me about the series originally published in the Autumn 2009 MACBA Newsletter.

August 2010

Episode 5 of Variations up streaming audio & PDF liner notes available at the Museum of Contemporary Art Barcelona site, or follow the link to download as a podcast from iTunes. Also up now is Pastoral v.2, a much more comprehensive history of the electronic music that models or elaborates on the sounds of animal expression.

Matmos & So Percussion's 'Treasure State' CD is finally out; of the three tracks I contributed to I'm particularly proud of having gotten to participate in making the track 'Cross'. More collaborations from those sessions coming soon.

June 2010

Available June 15th on Illegal Art.

Interview with Vicki and I by Kembrew McLeod.

Link to playlists of recent DJ sets at the Berkeley Art Museum, opening for Terry Riley, Carl Stone, Laetitia Sonami, and the Residents.

4 June 10 DJ set, blink and you'll miss it

January 2010

A host of recent concert and radio performances, including a short tour of California with the band Ear Nose & Throat (M.C. Schmidt, Jason Willett & Max Elibacher), the biggest Freddy McGuire Show yet, and an interpretation of the classic album of Beatleplundering initiated by Big City Orchestra, executed for their 30th anniversary by the one off trio of myself, the Evolution Control Committee and Phineas Narco. mp3's of the latter can be found at this link.

March 5th will see another curated DJ performance of Pastoral at the three-story high main gallery of the Berkeley Art Museum, opening for Carl Stone.

Episode Four of Variations is up now. Each episode's getting increasingly fragmented and difficult to get right as the series approaches the present. The only way to really close out the show will be to go completely subjective, and as some of you have already noticed, I'm already editing some of the music I'm playing, in some cases quite drastically. But always with respect.

October 2009

Thanks to the audience at MACBA for welcoming me to Catalonia. The lecture based on the Variations podcast series is also being presented to classes at Stanford, CCA, UC Davis and, next month on November 6th, at Artists Television Access hosted by Craig Baldwin in San Francisco.

The USB keydrive edition of the League of Automatic Music Composers 'Archive 1978-1981' is now available from Alku. You could call them the first laptop computer band if the word 'laptop' had meant anything when they started playing, but even calling them the first networked microcomputer music band, they're still mazes ahead from most of what you'll hear coming out today. Contains twelve hours of the original cassettes of concerts, interviews & improvised rehearsals, gig fliers, photographs, manifestos, and a short film of the League playing at home with their equipment. Edited, compiled, and topped with painfully idealistic liner notes by myself. The CD on New World was a compilation overview for interested listeners; this is the release for true fanatics who want total immersion.

Upcoming shows with Freddy McGuire have prompted an interview with Anne McGuire.

July 2009

Preparing for brief East Coast tour with Blevin Blectum. Mp3 rerelease of 2001 ep 'Regards' now available at this link right here. (Postscript; for those interested, the video piece projected behind me on this tour was 'Circles', created by M.C. Schmidt, and I need to play barns more often)

June 2009

Second episode of Variations up now here.

In full curational mode, guesting on Barbara Golden's Crack O'Dawn radio show on KPFA, I played three hours worth of classical noise from the sixties. There's a lot of early electronic music that has occasional furious moments, but this is a showcase of the pieces that focus entirely on overmodulation as their central organizing principle, forecasting the genre of Power Electronics that got going in the early 80's -- one which continues to make incursions into all aspects of popular music. John Cage, David Tudor, Max Neuhaus, Toshi Ichiyanagi, Erkki Kurenniemi, AMM, Philip Corner, Pauline Oliveros, La Monte Young, Intersystems, John Lennon & Yoko Ono, Iannis Xenakis, Gordon Mumma, Alvin Lucier, Robert Ashley. A small mp3 archive is available at the KPFA website, or you can pinch a much larger, higher fidelity mp3 directly from here.

As an antidote to all this academic if heartfelt curation that's going on, I'll be posting one new mp3 release with each new episode of Variations. Does it devalue the work to give it away? I have to say it's refreshing that the people listening are not being told what to think -- you found this yourself.

May 2009

Back in December I accepted a commission from MACBA (Museum of Modern Art Barcelona) to produce a six episode series overview on the development of appropriative collage in music. The first episode is up now here.

New album with Thomas Dimuzio 'Passed Aside'. After being provisionally invited to participate in the Art Bears remix project nine years ago, getting to hear the seperate components of an album I'd listened to countless times since high school was a remarkable education. Some music only becomes more mysterious after its technical realities are revealed. At that time I also worked in the same building as my friend Thomas Dimuzio, and while driving to lunch we'd play each other sketches, drones and various bizarre treatments as we worked towards our seperate remixes. Far more material was being generated than could ever be utilized for our short official contributions, so I proposed the idea of using these ingredients in a broadcast radio improvisation. The material was inexhaustible and we got carried away. There were two more improvisations, followed by another slightly more focused two a while later. Then five years needed to pass before those hours of sound could be edited down to a free-standing album. Copies were presented by Thomas as a present to Chris and Fred after their 25th anniversary performance as the Art Bears Songbook on May 19, 2008. Although I think foreknowledge of the source material is not required for listening, it's meant as the kind of tribute that comes with having lived with music so closely that you feel it's a part of you and the way you see the world, and I hope that's the way it reaches the many other people who feel the same way about those impossibly beautiful, intense and inspiring albums. Passed Aside is available here.

April 2009

New two track ep Sarglarar. I'd always read about the importance of microphone phase allignment, but until you're in the studio with the world's most legendary throat singing band I couldn't possibly have known what it really meant. Damn. Also, interview, with photos pulled mercilessly and arbitrarily from google images. There's no such thing as not having a press photo anymore.

Some other mp3 albums go up for just a few days, just to see who's paying attention. These are usually live albums improvised upon works in progress that I intend to feature in completed versions on studio albums, so I don't want to soak them too thoroughly in public. If they have a certain energy that I feel will be distinct from the final versions, they're worth a quick footprint. And of course, I never actually finish these studio albums.

December 2008

Recent Live Review

August 2008

Archival Over The Edge: Fake Bacon Breakfast Loop. Warning: improvised and tune-free. A trimmed section from the third hour was used for an old compilation track, and In hindsight the 'Dolls' section was the genesis of the Chopping Channel.

July 2008

Touring with Matmos and Lesser was elevating yet grounding. And Martin's idea of playing improv radio quartets on the days we weren't playing concerts was the great idea. (On July 16th at 9pm and July 17th at 10am, Pacific Standard Time, Hollow Earth Radio will rebroadcast our set which begins with a 36 minute version of Robert Ashley's "The Backyard".) Thanks to Olie & all at Hollow Earth, Josh Hunt of Autofact, Sue Costabile Slagle for adding live visuals to my SF show, all at KPSU & Irwin at KUSF, Steve Goodfriend, Mark Lightcap and Dave LaDelfa for lugging his Yamaha SK30 out of his closet for me to play at the LA show. Joining Drew, Martin and Lesser for the live version of "Supreme Balloon" was the most fun in recent memory and I'm looking forward to releasing some of the improvised sets at some soonish point.

In related news, Snowghost Music is offering the Kif Chimera Quintet for streaming.

And it looks like I haven't linked to Kevin Blechdom's Recantata site yet, probably because of shy feelings. Only for Kristin would I actually do something I can't actually do, that is 'sing', but her musical is too wonderful not to make the attempt, she gave me a wonderfully creepy part to sing and the whole thing's more than a treasured memory.

June 2008

The new EP is entitled Throat Solvent Renaissance.

My recent DJ set at the Great American Music Hall. Though curated and layered, it's basically a presentation of the finished work of other people and so I wholeheartedly recommend purchasing each of the works featured to hear them in their original contexts.

The May 29th Chopping Channel is here at this link, not sure if it's going on the mp3ography yet, the parts with our guest Katie Vida are definitely something. Hopefully we'll soon have the sequel to World Radio World.

Preparing for a friendly four date tour of the West Coast. There will be a special tour-only CDR available called 'Learn Cryptography' by the Little Blue Books, a collaboration from last year with Jorge Boehringer, featuring hand drawn covers by myself, Dominique Leone and Lisa Light.

March 2008

Almost one year ago, Thomas Dimuzio and I played a set for KPFA's No Other Radio Show, and a few CDR copies made the rounds to friends. The set has now turned up on the bizarrely affordable labor-of-love Dolor Del Estamago bootleg CDR imprint. If you like uncompressed audio, you can order the CDR directly from 'them'. If you're fine with files, you can find the release right here.

February 2008

sometimes, small bits of various albums-in-progress grow lyrics. exiled as abominations or adopted by generous peoples?

Split Bulbs / Wobbly 7" on Ache Records.

Preparing something pronounced for the Friday Feb 22nd NYC show at the Stone in three weeks.

January 2008

one new mp3 release from the Chopping Channel featuring Porest, recorded a few weeks ago on Over The Edge. and an mp3 release of the eighteenth and final album by Known In Bakersfield, my group with Tim Meany, recorded eight years ago and going mostly unheard until now.

a sixty minute performance of 'Refuge' (version 3), Barbara Golden's 'Crack O'Dawn' on KPFA FM on January 25th, starts at around 79:00 on this archive. followed by Barb and I playing some records: Harmonia, Ghedalia Tazartes, Evol, Bernard Herrmann, Helmut Lachenmann.

November 2007

The League of Automatic Music Composers 1978-1983 has just been released by New World Records, compiling for the first time archival recordings of what was probably the very first band to improvise live using microcomputers (aka what people started calling laptops about a decade later). The liner notes including my notes on producing and compiling their music are available here as well as in the booklet that comes with a physical copy. I'm going to miss physical copies.

October 2007

The recent music feels like it only wants to be heard by the people who want to go to the concerts. Most other means of distribution are subject to horrible abuses, and I'm as guilty as anyone. People still need live music, though, so check for upcoming concerts and radio shows with Andrea Parkins, MaryClare Brzytwa, the Freddy McGuire Show & Chopping Channel featuring Porest (the latter show will mark the 20th anniversary of my performances on Over The Edge).

May 2007


A week of Freddy McGuire: on Negativland's Over The Edge, KPFA FM, followed by two concerts -- San Francisco, California, the other in Dublin, Ireland. Details in Concerts.

November 2006

Unannounced offstage dj sets for unsuspecting audiences continue, including recent sets opening for Matmos and The Knife. Listening to too many things by other people. And while I'm posting playlists, here at least is an old collage-music overview from the Illegal Art Exhibition opening in San Francisco a few years back.

September 2006

New Sagan 7" single released on
333 Recordings. First 100 copies come with 3" cdr of a third track. What's finished.

August 2006

Radio Disc 3: Natal Day from 1995

Performing a section of album in progress 'Refuge' for six people, 28 July 2006

July 2006

Steev Hise's new documentary, On The Edge: The Femicide in Ciudad Juárez, features a musical soundtrack edited together by Steev from various 2005 projects of mine: my duo with Thomas Dimuzio, my trio with Antimatter & Tim Perkis, and of course Sagan. That's the least of the reasons to see the film -- for anyone curious about the graffiti throughout the San Francisco Mission District that reads "R.I.P. Mujeres de Juárez", Steev's film provides answers and more questions about some of the damning "side effects" of free trade that are hitting us all, South of the border.

Chopping Channel: "How Radio Isn't Done", 23 March 2006. Don Joyce, Peter Conheim, Jon Leidecker, Thomas Dimuzio. This one's mainly about Velma Wallenrod and Bud Choke selling up parallel storms, with comedy this profound there's barely even any need for the Chopping itself to come to the fore. Thomas is hosting links to individual files, or you can grab a single 58 MB .zip file here. (Note that Thomas has also reposted Rotate Vortex.)

Also, Choir has gotten bumped to revision 2 -- liked it enough to want to fix & add a few things before moving on (the mention below still links to the original version).

June 2006

Though the name 'Wobbly' is usually reserved for labor intensive compositions or live shows, over the past few years there have been quite a few very enjoyable DJ gigs where my equipment is limited to what's already on site, just two to four decks and a mixer. These outings aren't archived on the concerts page, and seldom announced in advance, but sometimes the results still turn out baffling enough to share.

Here's one made at home: Thousand Year Choir. And program.

Here's one performed before Ryan Junell's SloMo Video Festival: DJ set of forcibly stretched hits, May 20th, 2006.

June 21st: three hour DJ set with four CDJs at the opening of the Matthew Barney exhibition at SF MOMA on June 21st. Matmos on the other hand will be doing an actual bona-fide 'live set' involving metals vibrated by proximal dry ice.

Finally, I've contributed a remix for the latest album by Evol -- out now on Alku.

May 2006

Archivalish mp3 album posted -- the second disc from the 1998 3 CD set "Radio". These were edits and collages of live musical performances on KCSB FM performed in Santa Barbara between 1991 and 1994. I'm working my way back to there, and in the meantime the link is here.

A recent live set of original music performed on the No Other Radio Show will be temporarily archived here, containing bits from the next three solo albums.

April 2006

People Like Us & Wobbly, recorded by BBC Radio 3 live at the Spitz, London, 8 May 2004: Mixing It.

March 2006

First solo shows in nearly one year announced on Concerts page.

February 2006

KPFA 94.1 FM, Berkeley, Pacific Standard Time, March 2nd, Thursday night at midnight: Barbara Golden's Crack O'Dawn: Antimatter / Wobbly / Perkis trio.

April will see the return of the Chopping Channel: Don Joyce, Peter Conheim, Jon Leidecker (hi) and special guest Thomas Dimuzio, who has a new series of mp3 concert archives up at his site.

For now, here's the 30 June 01 episode of Over The Edge, 'Chopping Channel Rehearsal' where we desperately attempt to get our materials together for our debut concert the following week. There are some slow parts, this was radio, we were Don Joyce, Peter Conheim, David Wills and myself. Three 70-75 MB files: Part One, Part Two, Part Three.

One of the many things that Aurora does is take pictures.

December 2005

The Limited Party ep has been completed. Unfortunately I'm not sure it warrants a release, though one track has been given to tb6 as a remix for Eats Tapes (which is how the whole piece got started). When the entire eye comes all the way out of the head it's generally bad news, music hasn't been terribly kind to me this year. But it's far, far too late for a divorce.

Giacinto Scelsi. Specifically, the 3 disc box set on Accord conducted by Jürg Wyttenbach, and the historical compilation on Editions RZ.

July 2005

In the immediate future, another collaboration with Dimuzio, another set with Antimatter & Tim Perkis (which is evolving into a completely seperate project from the album Tim and I have been working on), and a improv duo set with Elliot Sharp.

Recent listening: Archives GRM 5 CD box, Gérard Grisey's "Les Espaces Acoustiques", Hosono's "Cochin Moon", Perotin, Tibetian Bells III, always revisiting all things Cluster from 71-84, Free Design's "Friends (Thank You All)", Bayle's "Erosphere" over and over and over. Also: Charles Ives' "Universe Symphony" as realized by Johnny Reinhard is only available from this website; if you have even the slightest suspicion that you want this, order it immediately.

May 2005

Mini-west coast Sagan / DAT Politics tour coming up late May / early June, the Oakland 21 Grand show and Los Angeles Knitting Factory show also contain surreptitious opening Wobbly sets. Can't let go of working on those two new solo albums, the material fits together in too many fun ways to choose just one. Details on Concerts page.

News & a download from Alku:

We have done an all-time-Alku-allstars mix for an exhibition
As we will only produce the physical ones for this particular event,
it is also available here, as a 224kbps MP3 file (56.7 MB):

if you want to check the tracklist, you may get it here (2.7 kb):
Danke. Enjoy.

March 2005

Kenneth Goldsmith's mighty Ubuweb is hosting the entire Tape-beatles discography online in mp3 form, including our 2001 live jam with Jon Nelson and Steev Hise, Minneapolis Summit: you can find that page online here. The extensive packaging for the Tape-beatles albums has not been put online; if you can find the physical discs, you shouldn't hesitate to buy them.

The Freddy album's done, working on packaging. Next up, two solo records, the album with Tim Perkis, and the second Sagan album (the first with me as a fully participating co-composer -- it's also worth noting that I don't play on a note of the six hours of live mp3's that come with the debut, those were all recorded before I joined the band in late 2003).

I'm also assembling an archival CD release of the work of The League of Automatic Music Composers, the first band to improvise with networked computers in a live context. Here's another interesting link: The History of Experimental Music in Northern California.

The Skylined site that's been mirroring my mp3's for the last two years doesn't look like it's coming back up anytime soon, but that doesn't seem to be bothering anyone... many more thanks to them for hosting the music for so long.

February 2005

Sagan's Unseen Forces video is being featured as a free streaming webcast from the consistently consistent New Music Box website until Feburary 15th.

December 2004

Sagan, Keith Fullerton Whitman & KFW/Wobbly live sets here, courtesy of OCDJ and WFMU FM. I'm thinking Keith should put out his set, but as for now it's free.

Two recent bemused local press mentions for Sagan in the Bay Guardian and SF Weekly. I remember the interview with Mike touching on the tension between improvisation and composition brought on by the age of recording, the path from 60's live electronic performance to 70's mainstream synthesizer space music, and the discipline of real time video art... I shouldn't be surprised that all that was dropped to favor our drinking stories, every article has to have an angle I'm guessing. I've heard that David Tudor once said that he abandoned piano for live electronics in the 60's as part of a search for a music he could perform live while drunk. Any control that is relinquished, is done so to explicit effect.

November 2004

Micro-mini East Coast Sagan tour: Providence, Brooklyn, NYC. Hit and run. Details on concerts page. More early next year.

Working continues on: The Tim Perkis / Wobbly collaborative album, the Freddy McGuire Show (compiling most of the radio broadcasts, concerts and studio sessions onto one disc), and two new solo pieces: one EP, one LP.

A reminder to fellow Americans thinking of leaving the country: You're needed here.

August 2004

The debut album by Sagan is called Unseen Forces and it will be released on September 20th. The album was already about 80% finished when i joined the band late last year -- even though I only contributed keyboards to three or four tracks, I'm proud of the album and looking forward to the upcoming mini-tour this Fall. We play the Cosmic Music; there is no Cosmic Music. The CD release party is at Bottom of the Hill on September 24th.

Hrvatski's recent SF visit resulted in one furious gig and two extended studio jams; expect some vinyl soon.

Shiina Ringo - 'Karuki Zamen Kuri No Hana', 'Shoso Strip', and the song "Ringo Catalog" -- nonstop.

June 2004


The Multiple Peady 12" single has finally been released, well over two years after being mailed to Boniato; it's a suite of remixes of material from 2002's Playlist ep. It was intended to be released simultaneously with Wild Why. So although it's not new, it's still fun -- especially the remixes, I thank my friends for doing them.

May 2004

Back from the shows in London and France; the Paris performance in particular. Many thanks to Vicki, Alan Gask, Aelters & Lucille, Felix Carey, Douglas Benford, Jocelyn and Frederick.

Wild Why v3.5 is this month's mp3 release, the Over The Edge radio performance from September 2002 edited down to a reasonable 137 minutes. Unlikely to change any previously held opinions of the piece.

William Duckworth's Talking Music, Trevor Wishart's On Sonic Art, James Tenney's Meta/Hodos.

April 2004

The duo with People Like Us in London on May the 8th: This is a live performance to be recorded by the BBC for broadcast on Radio 3's Mixing It. Tickets are free for those who reserve them in advance, so please do: phone 08700 100 300 or e-mail [email protected]

This month's mp3 release still awaits mastering; April is a blank.

Empire Notes blog.

March 2004

This month's mp3 release is the 'Squibbons' ep by Aelters & Sagan, recorded live on 30 June 03, and edited by myself down into tiny things in late December. Basically Aelters at the helm with everyone else steamrolling over the top. It's very good and available for download here.

January 2004

Five new Disco Remixes up here. President's Resume.

November 2003

Vicki Bennett has made her entire back catalog of commercial CDs available for download here.

Also: The Art Box is now available for pre-ordering at ReR Megacorp. All three studio albums by the Art Bears, remastered, a live disc, and a 25th anniversary two disc set of remixes by the following: John Oswald, the Residents, Christian Marclay, Fred Frith, Chris Cutler, Biota, Otomo Yoshihide, Bob Drake, Jon Rose, Ossatura, Warric Swinney (of the Kalahari Surfers), When, Thomas Dimuzio, Annie Gosfield, Jocelyn Robert, Musci / Venosta/ Mariani, Massimo Simonini, Herb Heinz, Martin Archer, Utsunomiya (of After Dinner), Stevan Tickmayer, Brian Woodbury and myself, even; the piece was completed in August of 2000, although due to a labelling error on my part an earlier rough mix was used for the master. Enthusiastically sending people early versions of your mixes for them to archive: young idea.

September 2003

The September 19th episode of Over The Edge featured the latest performance of Thomas Stereo: myself, Don Joyce, and Mark Gunderson of the ECC. Visit the Serpent X Archive.

Link to the September edition of the Illegal Art mp3 compilation here.

July 2003

Fred Frith's Keep The Dog album is finally out on ReR Megacorp. Fred's best songs from the late 80's ended up distributed across a variety of album projects, and here they all are in one sequence, performed by the following lineup: Fred Frith, Jean Derome, Claudia Engelhart, Charles Hayward, Rene Lussier, Bob Ostertag, and Zeena Parkins. I constructed the original montage from about 20 DATs recorded during their European tour in 1991, and passed it to Fred, who used it as a template for further editing. He went much further than my overly respectful edit, though overall he did keep the parts I was happiest with. I do miss the Schorndorf performance of 'True Love'. Okay.

Spasticated's new compilation (featuring a wild why side-effect) has received a cease-and-desist from the Ministry of Sound demanding that the record be withdrawn from sale, and all remaining copies be destroyed. It's always more the cover than the music that gets you in trouble on this scale, and though I admit at first I didn't feel comfortable holding the packaging without a glove, after visiting the Ministry of Sound website, the cover seems kind of appropriate, thoughtful, tasteful even.

May 2003

"Wide Open Spaces" is an album length release from People Like Us, Matmos and Wobbly recorded live in concert on October 5, 2002. mp3's of the CD version are still here.

New concerts not sure what the solo sets will be yet, may 21st promises a duo with Otomo Yoshihide. Meanwhile I'm busy not working on anything. Les Rita Mitsouko debut/'Bestov'/'Femme Trombone', Goran Bregovic 'Tales and Songs From Weddings and Funerals', Autechre 'Draft 7.30', Renaldo and the Loaf 'It Was What It Was', Max Neuhaus 'Fontana Mix Feed', Glenn Gould's Stowkowski radio documentary, Roland Kayn, Dumitrescu, Henry Jacobs, Jon Hassell (78-87, excluding 'Power Spot'), Deerhoof, Tietchens, Ruth Welcome, Thomas Dimuzio's 72 minute remix of Gordon Lightfoot's "Ode To Big Blue".

March 2003

Thomas Dimuzio's excellent 'Mono:Poly' on Asphodel compiles his live performances of the last few years, including track 10 of 2001's album with Yasuhiro Otani and I. Kevin Blechdom's 'Your Butt' ep on Dudini contains a mix of our collaboration 'I Am Nasty'. Soon to be released remixes include my troubling hooked-on-Schoenberg Pidgeon Funk remix for Sutekh & Safety Scissors, and remixes of Pepito and Opopop for on Alku.

Meanwhile, okay. www.arabnews.com. Succinct Chomsky. February 27: U.S. Diplomat John Brady Kiesling's resignation letter, and the nice speech by Senator Byrd. Past regardless, this reads right to me.

January 2003

The mp3 section has (mostly) been mirrored by Luka at Skylined.org; ten million thanks. Save me downloading surcharges and yourself an insane amount of time by downloading the mp3's from here.

Many excellent episodes of WFMU's Re-Mixology Program archived here, including the improv quartet with Evolution Control Committee, People Like Us and Irene Moon and myself. Captain Beefheart's 'Dust Sucker', Mary Margaret O'Hara's 'Miss America', Venetian Snares 'Doll Doll Doll', John Zorn's 'Parachute Years' (Archery Rehearsal), AMM's 'The Crypt', Nina Hagen's 'Fearless', Thinking Plague's unbelievably great 'In This Life'. Room recording mp3 of the January 7th show here, crowd noise helps; thanks to Tim Thompson for hosting. Brian Eno's recent article for Time Magazine Europe & Gore Vidal's 'The Enemy Within'.

9 November 2002
Remember, 'created without a laptop in sight' actually means 'created with two powerful digital audio workstations running on an old PC and a G3 Mac hightower'. Thanks to Jo for taking down the press release from the tb6 site, even though it's already poisonously too late.

17 October 2002
Listened to the tape of the 3 hour version of wild why again, and huh. It's fine. I'll have to do that again some time, especially seeing as I didn't even get through all the main modules -- 4 hour version ok. anyway thanks to People Like Us for a great week of shows. Also: I'll be playing KZSU's Day Of Noise this Wednesday night at 11pm, with M.C. Schmidt and perhaps special guests.

23 Sept 2002
surprised at just how horrible the 3 hour radio version of wild why turned out, I mean some of my friends find this hilarious but it really was supposed to be listenable. I'll admit the concept is a tad self-indulgent, and it's not like I'm doing this for history or anything, but actually I'm not supposed to be joking. in the best of all possible worlds I wouldn't have been on three vicodins, listening to the tapes they clearly had a negative impact on my reflexes, but I'm not taking those things for fun, they're entirely to help me cope with the physical pain. Pepito remixes are no longer here.

20 Aug 2002
"...incontinent..." review of live 99>00, the Wire, May 02
"...a brutalist spade to your skull..." ad for live 99>00, www.boomkat.co.uk
"...simply takes too much effort..." review of Wild Why, Vital Weekly #335 Aug 02
"...incontinent..." review of Sonar performance, the Wire, Aug 02