[rumori] Detritus.net offers 1987 JAMs album online

rumoriATdetritus.net [rumori] Detritus.net offers 1987 JAMs album online
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So what's the trick to doing streaming audio? Can I just park a file on
your server and have it automatically stream or is there something else I
have to do in re:

special tags?
file format?
love or money?

What is the skinny, man?

>Detritus.net, in its continued quest to provide access to culture that has
>been outlawed or supressed because of intellectual property legalities, is
>now making available via streaming audio the 1987 album by the Justified
>Ancients of Mumu, "What the Fuck's Going On?". This album contains a
>massive amount of uncleared samples from various artists including ABBA,
>The Beatles, and Stevie Wonder. Because of the ABBA material the album
>was recalled and destroyed.
>To listen to this amazing work of audio recycling, go to:
>(You will need the Shockwave plugin or an mp3 player)
>For more information about Detritus.net, see
>the front page of the site: http://www.detritus.net/
>Steev Hise, webmaster

.11. (Lloyd Dunn, et al.)

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