[rumori] copyright - the last defense of 13 yr old girls

Boster, Bob [rumori] copyright - the last defense of 13 yr old girls
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I know it seems self-evident to us but, despite the pathos of this
message, it sort of makes me wonder if someone would write up a little
diatribe about the fact that this project isn't intended to "steal" any of Beck's hard-earned cash, that none of us do this for money, and maybe
a brief primer on the history of appropriation as art (rather than as
Vanilla Ice seeking the quick buck.) Seems like all this is on the
detritus page, but maybe a one screen overview associated with the
DeconBeck stuff to outline the associated ideas might be helpful.

Of course, I don't have time to write such a document (I don't even have
time to write up my track listing notes), and it probably ought to come
from "Philo" anyway. Just a thought. Any interest anyone?


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>another voice of dissent.
>the horror! the horror! those poor 13 yr old girls! and poor sting! and
>poor dead john lennon!
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> << File: ATT00001.htm >> Copyright is the last defence against all of you
>no-talents that are trying to make it in music by using this sad trend.
>Music is timeless and demands the respect that it deserves. Using another's
>work to make it your own and make money off it is shameful and should be
>punishable by law. I can't believe you don't realize that you are ripping
>off your fellow artists who put lots of time and thought into their music.
>The worst is that the fans are the ones who are the worst victims of all
>this: they are not fools, some day or another all of those thirteen year
>old girls'll realize that I'll be missing you was in fact a song written by
>Sting. Wake up you airheads! Sampling is a great thing for building weird
>sounds and odd loops but it's the worst thing that ever happened to music
>since the death of John Lennon because of the abusive use you people make
>of it.