[rumori] copyright - the last defense of 13 yr old girls

Ric8ard Munn [rumori] copyright - the last defense of 13 yr old girls
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This individual is obviously proud to display his/her/its total ignorance
of the musick making process nowadays. (as well as how most "art" has been created over the last x-hundred years.....). For a microsecond I had the
desire to reply to Mr No-clue and put it right about a few things, but
well, lets face it, it would obviously be easier to get through to the
nearest brick wall...

Are we taking bets on whether or not this in-duh-vidual is a failed

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another voice of dissent.
the horror! the horror! those poor 13 yr old girls! and poor sting! and
poor dead john lennon!


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Copyright is the last defence against all of you
no-talents that are trying to make it in music by using this sad trend.
Music is timeless and demands the respect that it deserves. Using another's
work to make it your own and make money off it is shameful and should be
punishable by law. I can't believe you don't realize that you are ripping
off your fellow artists who put lots of time and thought into their music.
The worst is that the fans are the ones who are the worst victims of all
this: they are not fools, some day or another all of those thirteen year
old girls'll realize that I'll be missing you was in fact a song written by
Sting. Wake up you airheads! Sampling is a great thing for building weird
sounds and odd loops but it's the worst thing that ever happened to music
since the death of John Lennon because of the abusive use you people make
of it.