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well your limited edition tape-beatles-public-works limited edition
advertisement certainly got me out of my 'lurking'mode, scuse me while I
puke up on all the contradictions in that one....steve
with-your-plagiarisms-yeah-shake-out-the-detritus...yes please pass on and

On Thu, 7 May 1998, Steev wrote:

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> Subject: New Releases by Public Works a.k.a. The Tape-beatles
> ---A N N O U N C I N G
> New Releases by Public Works a.k.a. The Tape-beatles
> ---MUSIC WITH SOUND on 12'' VINYL PICTURE DISC (LP on Staalplaat)
> Consider this object to be a scratch instrument. Consider it a work of
> spinning beauty. An unexpected repurposing of old work in an _au courant_
> obsolete form. A plagiarism of itself. An audio fine print.
> Retro-po-mo-self-parody, if you must. But above all, consider it.
> These are the Facts: This is a limited edition (only 200 copies have been
> pressed) of which we have a limited number to sell (10% of the press run,
> and not expecting to get more). Each side features a different full color
> graphic extemporizing on the original 1990 release's graphic identity in
> unexpected ways. The grooves are clean sounding and of a high quality. The
> 31 tracks are the same as in the 1990 release, nothing added or taken away.
> You will sample it, you will do 'scratch' improvisations with it. Or you
> will turn it into a wall hanging, or clock. Mostly, you will simply
> treasure it, for you will know you took advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime
> deal.
> But wait, says the sly salesman, there's more.
> ---PLUNDERPHONIC ALL STARS live at the VOLKSBUEHNE in Berlin (LP on Kleptones)
> Tracks culled from the 5-hour long PLUNDERPHONIC ALL STARS jam that took
> place at the Cocktail Festival in Berlin on 10 October 1997. Participating
> for all they're worth were: UK's Barbed, US's Public Works, Germany's
> Leumund Fieling, France's Dominique Petitgand, and Holland's Muzic
> Toerist. We stayed up late scratching a long wriggling groove on a vinyl
> surface and then, ever so gently, wrapping the result around in a careful
> spiral some 900 feet long, so that when a special feeler or 'stylus' is
> placed in the groove and it is sent spinning the magical vibrations of the
> groove are flung out into the air for all to hear. (You must provide the
> 'stylus.')
> But, you say, what is on this magical platter? One side of the LP contains
> 20-odd minutes chosen by Barbed from what they consider to be the evening's
> highlights; the other side contains Public Works' selections. All
> participated throughout. Since the evening was a 5-hour improvisation,
> there was lots to choose from and all the selections are strong. This is an
> all-new work that exists in no other form. Plain Jane gray cover; the disk
> itself is on milky white vinyl.
> ---THE POINT IS, um, these are for sale
> Remember these are LIMITED EDITIONS and there won't be any more made. And,
> we really need the money to enhance our performance and produce a CD,
> called GOOD TIMES, which will be our 5th. So we are taking advantange of
> the rare desirability of these pieces and using them as a FUNDRAISER to get
> ourselves out of hock and make more work for you to buy later on.
> The prices are (limit 2 copies of each to a customer):
> US$25.00 for MUSIC WITH SOUND Picture Disk LP
> US$18.00 for PLUNDERPHONIC ALL STAR on White Vinyl LP
> The prices are postage paid and in US dollars. We accept cash, check, money
> order, or foreign currency equivalent if you send cash (at your risk). If
> you are ordering from outside Canada/US/Mexico, add an additional $5 to
> your order to cover additional postage costs. We don't expect these to last
> long, so do not delay with your order.
> Send us a letter with your selections named, along with payment, and the
> address they should be shipped to to:
> Static Output
> P.O. Box 3326
> Iowa City IA 52240
> ---
> As always, our other releases on CD remain available:
> A subtle buoyancy of pulse (reissue 1998) 60 min. CD, US$15
> Music with Sound (reissue 1997) 52 min. CD, US$15
> The Grand Delusion (1993) 43 min. CD, US$15
> Matter (1996) 43 min. CD, US$15
> The prices are postage paid and the same terms as above apply.
> ---
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