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Boster, Bob [rumori] New Releases by Public Works a.k.a. The Tape-beatles (fwd)
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>From: S. Perkins[SMTP:sperkinsATblue.weeg.uiowa.edu]

>with-your-plagiarisms-yeah-shake-out-the-detritus...yes please pass on and

Wow, genuine hostility, packaged in a nice, attractively constructed
package. All this venom and an Iowa connection too...

That's what I love about list servs, people can join the conversation
without facing the normal social
elimination-of-obviously-contradictory-elements test (like you'd never
invite anyone to your home who screamed at you that you were a fascist,
but it happens all the time on lists).

Lloyd and Ralph have made plenty of sense about selling stuff and all,
but let me just add that for many of us the discoveries we made about
"cool" music (of whatever sort) were made through that tired old saw: indie "band" and indie label get together and put something out to try to make a little money back to do another one. They "sell" it to stores and such (usually of the indie variety as well), who sell it to an
"indie" music consumer. Sometimes there's an "indie" radio station or publication involved as well. Yes, this is a broken shadow of the
consumption machine that forces Celene Dion down the throats of Amerika,
and yes, that merits debate, and maybe even debasement... but it's the
dominant mode and we have to use it if we want to get out of the
vanguard/elitist mode we're trapped in otherwise. What alternative
would you propose? mp3's require Internet access and technical
knowledge (and are even harder to scratch than CDs - which I do scratch,
actually, Lloyd). Smoke signals? Any better proposal? I'm sure we'd
all be happy to hear one.

Bob Boster
former small label owning-music selling swine
Friction Media 1992-1998