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Lloyd Dunn [rumori] Re: New Releases by Public Works a.k.a. The Tape-beatles
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What, have we strayed too far from your dogma?

I will point out that none of the public-domain content of these releases
is limited in any sense. (Your objection seems to confuse the object for
the music.) Staalplaat, our record label, anticipates limited demand for
these specialized objects, so therefore the editions are limited. The right
of the end user to make copies is unaffected.

You ever try to do "scratch" music with a CD? The decision to offer these works on vinyl sprung from the desire to provide DJs working in this style
with some of our content for use in their work. We come not to bury
plagiarism, but rather to praise it.

Do you want to claim that somehow our quest for money has warped us and our
project? You need only look at the Public Works bank balance to realize how
laughable that is. We're talking about a few hundreds of dollars here,
Steve. It's not enough to support production. It's not enought to support
our lavish life-styles, either. We haven't quit our day jobs. If we're very
fortunate, this sales drive might actually pay for a useful piece of
software, a minor piece of production equipment, or a plane ticket so we
can get together for a week and work together in person.

So get off your damn high-horse. Relax, there, isn't that nicer?

I will take this opportunity to thank you that your nominal diatribe allows
us to bring our recordings before the Detritus reading public once again,
thereby spurring on additional sales. Send us your money! The opposition

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>well your limited edition tape-beatles-"public-works" limited edition
>advertisement certainly got me out of my 'lurking' mode, scuse me while I
>puke up on all the contradictions in that one....steve

Probably motion sickness from that high-horse. [--Public Works]

>with-your-plagiarisms-yeah-shake-out-the-detritus...yes please pass on and
>On Thu, 7 May 1998, Lloyd Dunn wrote:
>> ---A N N O U N C I N G
>> New Releases by Public Works a.k.a. The Tape-beatles
>> ---MUSIC WITH SOUND on 12'' VINYL PICTURE DISC (LP on Staalplaat)
>> Consider this object to be a scratch instrument. Consider it a work of
>> spinning beauty. An unexpected repurposing of old work in an _au courant_
>> obsolete form. A plagiarism of itself. An audio fine print.
>> Retro-po-mo-self-parody, if you must. But above all, consider it.
>> These are the Facts: This is a limited edition (only 200 copies have been
>> pressed) of which we have a limited number to sell (10% of the press run,
>> and not expecting to get more). Each side features a different full color
>> graphic extemporizing on the original 1990 release's graphic identity in
>> unexpected ways. The grooves are clean sounding and of a high quality. The
>> 31 tracks are the same as in the 1990 release, nothing added or taken away.
>> You will sample it, you will do 'scratch' improvisations with it. Or you
>> will turn it into a wall hanging, or clock. Mostly, you will simply
>> treasure it, for you will know you took advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime
>> deal.
>> But wait, says the sly salesman, there's more.
>> ---PLUNDERPHONIC ALL STARS live at the VOLKSBUEHNE in Berlin (LP on
>> Tracks culled from the 5-hour long PLUNDERPHONIC ALL STARS jam that took
>> place at the Cocktail Festival in Berlin on 10 October 1997. Participating
>> for all they're worth were: UK's Barbed, US's Public Works, Germany's
>> Leumund Fieling, France's Dominique Petitgand, and Holland's Muzic
>> Toerist. We stayed up late scratching a long wriggling groove on a vinyl
>> surface and then, ever so gently, wrapping the result around in a careful
>> spiral some 900 feet long, so that when a special feeler or 'stylus' is
>> placed in the groove and it is sent spinning the magical vibrations of the
>> groove are flung out into the air for all to hear. (You must provide the
>> 'stylus.')
>> But, you say, what is on this magical platter? One side of the LP contains
>> 20-odd minutes chosen by Barbed from what they consider to be the evening's
>> highlights; the other side contains Public Works' selections. All
>> participated throughout. Since the evening was a 5-hour improvisation,
>> there was lots to choose from and all the selections are strong. This is an
>> all-new work that exists in no other form. Plain Jane gray cover; the disk
>> itself is on milky white vinyl.
>> ---THE POINT IS, um, these are for sale
>> Remember these are LIMITED EDITIONS and there won't be any more made. And,
>> we really need the money to enhance our performance and produce a CD,
>> called GOOD TIMES, which will be our 5th. So we are taking advantange of
>> the rare desirability of these pieces and using them as a FUNDRAISER to get
>> ourselves out of hock and make more work for you to buy later on.
>> The prices are (limit 2 copies of each to a customer):
>> US$25.00 for MUSIC WITH SOUND Picture Disk LP
>> US$18.00 for PLUNDERPHONIC ALL STAR on White Vinyl LP
>> The prices are postage paid and in US dollars. We accept cash, check, money
>> order, or foreign currency equivalent if you send cash (at your risk). If
>> you are ordering from outside Canada/US/Mexico, add an additional $5 to
>> your order to cover additional postage costs. We don't expect these to last
>> long, so do not delay with your order.
>> Send us a letter with your selections named, along with payment, and the
>> address they should be shipped to to:
>> Static Output
>> P.O. Box 3326
>> Iowa City IA 52240
>> USA
>> ---
>> As always, our other releases on CD remain available:
>> A subtle buoyancy of pulse (reissue 1998) 60 min. CD, US$15
>> Music with Sound (reissue 1997) 52 min. CD, US$15
>> The Grand Delusion (1993) 43 min. CD, US$15
>> Matter (1996) 43 min. CD, US$15
>> The prices are postage paid and the same terms as above apply.
>> ---
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