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11 May 1998 09:36:02 -0700 (00894933362, 19980511163602.23340.qmailATella.mills.edu)

Hmmm. I had to chime in here a bit... I don't know exactly what all the
contradictions are that you are referring to, Steve. I know there are
inevitable contradictions in the kind of work we do. I know that to
market our work at all raises some issues. We are, of course, and always
have been, aware of these. We have never tried to hide from the fact
that using Plagiarism to create a "new" commodity can be seen as a self- defeating and hypocritical activity. We, and I think I speak for all
of us ex-Tape-beatles, correct me if I am wrong, just don't see it as that
black and white and are willing to accept some of the problematic issues
which surround are work as essentially part of the work. I believe this
is part of the point...it does necessarily raise questions. I challenge
anyone to come up with an example of an unarguably "perfect" praxis. I suggest the worst offenders of artistic hypocrisy are the Situationists.
When you get down to it, they are elitist, delusional art snobs. At least
we have always been willing to point a finger at ourselves.

Anyway, I stray. In a sense, all our work has been limited editions.
Most people have always had trouble getting a hold of it. And, if
DJ's have been using Music With Sound, I really see no problem with
releasing a vinyl edition to make their work a little easier, to provide
them with a more appropriate instrument. And, if we can make a little
money in the process, as Lloyd said, to support our work, which doesn't
even reach the ranks of non-profit, then more power to us.

Steve, I sensed some genuine hostility in your communication. We obviously
hit a nerve. But I believe it is unfair to hold anyone up to
such exact standards that even the simple financial support necessary
to sustain a project is considered a dubious practice. We have never
shyed away from criticism, and at times have been our own harshest
critics (perhaps why we live 1000's of miles apart now). But open
hostility suggests something more than a simple critique of any artistic

You are, of course, free to have your views. As the Tape-beatles always
said, "They're not for everyone."
Ralph Johnson

ps. Don't hate us because we are brilliant...