[rumori] What to do about deconstructing beck?

BOstertag [rumori] What to do about deconstructing beck?
Tue, 12 May 1998 18:33:13 EDT (00895041193, 84870f6c.3558ce2aATaol.com)

Just a note to you all about record companies.

I am about to put out a cd of music by myself, Otomo Yoshihide, and Justin
Bond on the Asphodel label. Asphodel does the Invisible Scratch Pickles,
Tipsy, and many other sample-based acts. Asphodel is owned by Naut Humon,
whom many of you probably know.

Right now, the whole thing is on hodl due to contract negotiations. One of
the sticking points: Asphodel wants the contract to stipulate that if anyone
samples our material, Asphodel, and not us, has exclusive right to decide what
action to take, without even notifying us.

Just a little note to point out how standard and widespread that clause is in
record contracts.

bob ostertag