[rumori] What to do about deconstructing beck?

Jon Leidecker [rumori] What to do about deconstructing beck?
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Hmm this is only slightly off the point of responding to the immediate
danger but there is a minor issue here concerning Geffen's exclusivity;

>>Geffen Records, Inc. ("Geffen") is party to an exclusive recording
>>agreement with the recording artist professionally known as Beck
>>("Artist"), and accordingly Geffen is the copyright owner of, with
>>exclusive rights to, the performances of Artist recorded during the term
>>of such agreement and the exclusive owner of the right to use the
>>Artist's name and likeness for record purposes in connection with such

Geffen is not the exclusive owner of the Beck trademark; Beck is one of
those weird artists who has retained the rights to release solo Beck
projects on other record labels; he's put out several albums already on
other labels completely free of Geffen's control and the follow up to the
money smash _Odelay_ will also have nothing to do with Geffen; it'll be on
his own thingy, 'Bong Load Records'.

Not that this is a major point that can be legally used against them or
anything, but it's interesting to see them use the form letter declaration
of blanket ownership on an artist who has made other arrangements.

Bob's question

>Has anyone tried to directly contact Beck? Is he in better control of
>his own creative life than U2 was?

it seems increasingly urgent to do so; to make the case that this is not
the opportunistic cash-in project his lawyers are making it out to be, that
there are real aesthetic concerns being developed by the project's
participants, etc.