[rumori] Italian Deconstructing Beck review (translation)

Brz [rumori] Italian Deconstructing Beck review (translation)
Tue, 26 May 1998 20:50:00 +0200 (00896237400, 356B0ED7.4A48EEE9ATiol.it)

This is the translation of the Vittore Baroni article appeared on the
"Rumore" italian magazine. I know my english it's far away from being correct, but I hope it could be more readable than the altavista
Some of the phrases are changed trying to mantain the meaning, because
of a deep lack of vocabolary. Anyway, that's it (Baroni please don't
kill me):

Aa. V.

>Deconstructing Beck
written by V.Baroni

It's the first time that I have the chance of rewiewing an album without
having in my hands any physical media, records or tapes, even without
moving from my pc-keyboard. Yes, because this compilation, 13 tracks
completely composed using unauthorized samples from Beck discography,
made by a decine of bands with highly surrealistic names( Mr.Meridies,
Huk Don Phun, The International Bankes, The Evolution Control Committee,
etc.), after whom is not difficult to see the hand of Negativland and/or
Public Works and/or other terrorists of the nocopyright sonic collage,
has been released on Internet the First of April(!) of this year, fully
avalaible in the realaudio format to everyone for listening or recording
(is also avalaible on cd without cover at low cost and only by mail
The sonic content of the album, which can still be found at
www.detritus.net except unexpected events, consisting in a series of
ironic and inventive "plunderphonic" cut-ups, directed to the atonal and abstractist-minimalist destructuration of the source materials ( the
choice of Beck appears to be totally casual, it could be everyone else),
passes obviously in background compared to the nature of "demonstrative action" of the project, that wants to radicalize and highlight the problem of the obsolete and burocratic procedures needed to use
samplings, in the recycling postmodern age.
Infact, the release has been supported by a carefully prepared
information campaign, that has provoked immediate reactions by both the
press (articles appeared on NME, Addicted to Noise, Wired, Village Voice
and others ) and the categories directly interested ( the lawyers of
Beck's label have promised to face the question in a court).
To enliven more the event there's the fact that the album has been
produced, through the label Illegal Art created on purpose, by an
anonymous radical-anarchist association, rtmark, active from '91 and
responsible of financing sabotage actions against corporations, with the
aim of pushing the industrial powers to "to recover a sense of social responsibility ": as an example, rtmark agents have inserted secretly effusions between homosexuals between the
appearances of the SimCopter video game, then withdrawn from the market,

and have invert between them the circuits of a series of speaking dolls,

Barbie and GI Joe, in order to bring to light the sexist character of
the pronounced phrases...
If you still have not become used to
the idea that rock has renounced to foment subversions
on wide scale, you could find the developments of these cases , less and
less isolated, of warlike hacker music, extremely interesting.