[rumori] Virtual Landfill Service Rids the Web of Digital Debris (fwd)

Steev [rumori] Virtual Landfill Service Rids the Web of Digital Debris (fwd)
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Date: Sun, 7 Jun 1998 23:10:58 -0400 (EDT)
From: Mark Napier <napierATpop.interport.net> Subject: Virtual Landfill Service Rids the Web of Digital Debris

Here's something new. You're invited to throw your favorite debris into the
Digital Landfill.


FOR: Digital Landfill, http://potatoland.org/landfill CONTACT: Mark Napier (917) 430-2926 napierATinterport.net



New York, NY, June 5, 1998 -- Digital Landfill
(potatoland.org/landfill) is an innovative new service from POTATOLAND.org
that gives web surfers and designers a place to dispose of their digital
debris. The rapid growth of the web has created a startling increase in
virtual refuse. Spam, misdirected mail, abandoned websites, and postings to
Usenet groups all have added to an ever increasing volume of digital refuse
that affects virtually anyone with an email account. Now, with Digital
Landfill, web citizens have an economical, safe, clean, and environmentally
friendly way to dispose of unsightly scrap data.

"Digital refuse is the greatest aesthetic challenge the web faces today," says Mark Napier, creator of the Digital Landfill service. "Given the influx of new websites and surfers, web real estate is becoming very
limited, and people really need a convenient and inexpensive virtual waste
disposal system. I created the Digital Landfill to help clean up the web,
and to raise people's awareness of the digital refuse issue." The service is free. Through a unique recycling system the digital debris is composted
and used to fertilize virtual rhizomes at POTATOLAND.

Napier, a painter turned digital artist, has been creating art for the
web since 1995. He is creator of the website 'The Distorted Barbie', a
critique of the famous pop-culture icon. Called "a phantasmagoric visual rumination" by HotWired, The Distorted Barbie recently drew legal fire from Mattel for its thought provoking exploration of the Barbie culture. Napier
is also the founder of POTATOLAND.org, an evolving artwork dedicated to
exploring the aesthetic potential of the web. In addition to the Digital
Landfill, POTATOLAND shows interactive artwork created largely from scraps
of images and digital debris found on the web.

Visit the Digital Landfill on the web at
http://potatoland.org/landfill. All it takes is a simple cut and paste to instantly add your debris. Mark Napier can be reached at
napierATinterport.net or call (917) 430-2926.

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