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>I don't think art could be freely exchanged even in a non-capitalist
>society where art is generally censored or used as propaganda but I like
>the idea of an art exchange.

I just don't see anything around that would make me think we have the
slightest idea what a contemporary "non-capitalist" society might look like. The FEW examples we have of them are historical, small-scale,
and have always existed in contrast to capitalist systems.
Authoritarian societies (where art is censored) have in some cases been
attempts at non-capitalism, but none have succeeded. I think propaganda
is cool, and under utilized as an evaluative category (how many people
discuss Toyota commercials as propaganda? why not?) but is again not
solely a function of "non-capitalism". The difference between non-capitalist propaganda and capitalist propaganda is that in many of
the attempts at non-capitalism, the power holders were at least
forthcoming about what was propaganda. Not a feature of our "free exchange of ideas", IMHO.
I'd love to have the art exchange next door to the propaganda exchange
so I could take my recently acquired art and trade it in for some
propaganda and vice versa.

Testifyin' today,