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Tue, 9 Jun 1998 17:38:26 -0400 (EDT) (00897457106, Pine.LNX.3.96.980609172029.3792A-100000ATcornea.retina.net)

>how many people discuss Toyota commercials as propaganda? why not?)
At least one :)
I can't even watch television or look at any advertising without thinking
about the message and the intent of the ad.

I like that ad around San Francisco (for locals) about the SF Zoo.
It has a picture of a young boy and the caption is "Dont just see the exhibit , Be the Exhibit", Makes me laugh everytime. It sounds like the oddest thing to tell someone. Go the zoo and be the exhibit. Kind of
like that new film, The Truman Show. People trapped in totally illusory
world but who never knew anything else so they accept their experience as
"reality". Products will enhance your personality and create for you a lifestyle. And here we are, looking at the exhibits, studying their
habitats, taking notes about their behaviour. What happens when people
start to realize how contrived their world is? Art, to me, implies
intentionality. If more ppl were exposed to art or had the opportunity to
create art(ifice) then they would be more apt to understand how their
choices are narrowed or how their sensibilites are conditioned through
advertising. I was excited when I was a teacher to be able to open up
that critical faculty in young people. To give them real choice. But for
me, real choice has become more like an existential nightmare. Maybe some
ppl are better off with their illusions.

anyway. yeah. make art, I'll give you propaganda :).

sound art is hard to focus on tho, you have devote all your attention to
the piece. its not like background music when you want to hear a beck song
while you are doing the dishes. You have to really listen to hear what a
collagist is trying to do or what an experimental musician is trying to do
or what they are exploring. Does anyone remember that Brian Eno exhibit
at the palace of fine arts, where he had all these tapes looped all around
this room and the music was the result of the randomness of each the
points on all the loops coming together?